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Hebrew barking theory

A two-consonant root system replacing the threesome.
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The theory of a three-letter root for every Hebrew word has many cases where it just doesn't exactly apply, and a "hidden letter" which "fell" at some stage must be reinserted into the words.

So HaLaKh means went but YeLeKh means go, whereas actually, the root should be only the "barked" command Lekh! Go!!

Same goes for YaShaV sat down and NeSheV we will sit. But it should be SheV! Like the command: Sit!

The words with a three consonant roots are actually two-consonant words, with one consonant being composed of at least one two-consonant consonant.

The word NaHar - snored, just like in English has only two basic sounds: Sn and R. In Hebrew its NHh and R which is the throaty Hhet sound with a bit of nasality: NHhaR.which comes from the HhhhhhRrrrrrr sounds of snoring.

Same goes with Tsipor a bird and Tsafar - honked, and Aramaic Tsafra - morning (because of the birds singing): These like the English word Chirp (TShiRP with TSh and Rp - from the chirping sounds) in Hebrew should have only two consonants: TS is the first one, and PR is the second one.

The rest of this idea is just details and answering questions.

pashute, Aug 27 2023


       I had to read that a few times to understand as I am no linguist, but the command "sit" and the expressing of "I sit" need to be differentiated no?   

       On a side note I thought you might like this joke [pashute]. I hope it doesn't offend, I just thought it was extremely cute when I heard it and hope you do as well.   

       How does Moses make tea?..   

       Hebrews it.   

       Passing along some heavily uncensored timely expletives.
minoradjustments, Sep 09 2023

       Does this idea propose a change in the language, or only a change in the way it is described, or taught?
pertinax, Sep 09 2023

       I'm not seeing an idea. [-] edit: I now see an idea.
Voice, Sep 10 2023

       Just a suggestion: Proposing a silent 'H' under the expletive.
minoradjustments, Sep 10 2023

       Poorly explained idea. [-]
Voice, Sep 11 2023

       I read the title as "Hebrew banking theory" but I couldn't work out from the explanation how it would work.
pocmloc, Sep 11 2023


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