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Helm of Telepathy

Combine emerging technologies with two-way radio to create mind-to-mind communicator.
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Step one. Take a pair of neurophones (see link) and miniaturize until they fit onto an oversized collar -- the sort of thing bondage or industrial music fans would be into. 2" with D-rings (for attaching equipment) seems right.

Step two. Take a subvocal pickup (see link) and give it the same miniaturization treatment.

Now make the two integral to a 2" wide, 1" thick collar. Brass electrodes will dot the velvet lined inner sufrace, and the outer will be nice leather decorated with runes of some sort. (Led Zeppelin Four?) Matching sets will read subvocalizations and transmit them to others, which will reconstruct them into speech and send it straight into the listener's nerves.

Solid state RF communications, mind-to-mind. With some work, it may be able to convey emotions directly without the need of inflections, which this simple version will not replicate.

Chrontius, Apr 12 2005

Neurophones http://fusionanomaly.net/neurophone.html
Bypass the inner ear to transmit audio to the brain via a different cranial nerve [Chrontius, Apr 12 2005]

Subvocal Pickups http://www.newscien...rticle.ns?id=dn7247
Measure activity in the voicebox electrically allowing a computer to reconstruct those "really loud" thoughts. [Chrontius, Apr 12 2005]

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       Sorry. Not D&D enough for me, and would you want everything you thought to get broadcast? ;-)
Chrontius, Apr 12 2005

       True, but a cochlear implant apparently isn't up to snuff for music-level transmission. WMFE (public TV) had a nice Scientific American documentary on cybersenses last week; apparently 22 binary electrodes just isn't enough.
Chrontius, Apr 12 2005


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