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"handheld" cellphone

a wearable option
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imagine a cell phone which is like a wristwatch; the keypad is where the face of the watch would be. to speak, you extend two little pieces out from the main body, one to your pinky finger and one to your thumb, and then you talk with your hand to your ear the way people mime telephones.

ah, the throwback to childhood...

urbanmatador, Apr 22 2000

Jabra http://www.jabra.com
A combined ear piece / mic (see my comment below) [MrTheRich, Apr 22 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Finger Phone http://www.thestand...,1151,19264,00.html
Baked! sorta. uses bone conduction from the phone on the wrist to your finger, which of course you stick in your ear. [washort, Apr 22 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Baked, partly http://www.geek.com...e20030814021298.htm
Wristwatch telephone, with an earpiece in a ring. I'm guessing the microphone is still in the watch, but if they added a second ring for the pinkie, this would be just what urbanmatador was asking for. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Saw a little similar thing in a Popular Mechanics a while back. A flexible arm with a speaker on the tip lay along your watchband, and in use is swivelled out to the center of your palm. You hold the hand up your ear to cover it, and the bottom of the watchband is in good position for a mike.
StarChaser, Apr 23 2000

       yes, this thing must be made. if only so i can live out of the fantasy of communicating in the same way Penny and Brain did on Inspector Gadget
rhino, Apr 24 2000

       I have dibs on the computer end, lol.   

       I love Inspector Gadget. :-)
dontthink, May 01 2000, last modified May 08 2000

       I tried this hand position out. The thumb part is OK, but my little finger really starts to ache after a minute or two. This might not doom the whole thing, though, since you don't really have to put the microphone right next to your mouth for it to work OK.
krevis, May 02 2000

       Any personal pain is worth the coolness factor of it all.
dontthink, May 08 2000

narbotic, May 25 2000

       Do all cell phone users get brain tumors? I didn't think so. Wouldn't you rather have a giant wrist tumor instead? or in addition? The more tumors the better! In this current age of technology, eveything is dangerous. You swim in a pool. Chlorine is carcenogenic. Big whoop. Get used to it.
dontthink, May 25 2000

       I think someone has an early prototype of this, similar to what people are talking about, 'cept the earpiece stretches out from the watch where the old winding-knob is, and caps over the index finger. Then, you just place the index-finger-earpiece into the ear, and speak through a microphone located on the watch band. Try that -- it's much more comfortable.
jeddings, Jun 22 2000

       I would buy one of these. I would also buy one that looked like a banana. I can't take anything seriously.   

       Great idea!
pixelswisher, Jun 26 2000

       Why not a wireless earpiece like a hearing aid or one of those "in ear monitors" musicians use? (I know the monitors have wires... but it's the in-ear earpiece I'm talking about) If you had a wireless speaker actually IN your ear, then it would be a simple matter to talk to the watch, maybe even have a tiny screen like Dick Tracy so you could see the person too. Oh, and btw... to avoid having to deal with a miniscule keyboard, it must be voice-activated.
ledheadlydia, Jun 27 2000

       Just don't forget you're using it, and pick your nose, or things even wose...best not visualise that...   

       Oh, and bags me selling them on the online auctions...
philosphus, Jun 27 2000

       Has anyone thought about how stupid you would look using these things? I suppose what you could do is have the phone on your wrist attached to something like my hands free kit where the microphone is actually contained within the ear piece. All you would need to do would be have a cable from the wrist phone to the earpiece / mic...
MrTheRich, Jun 29 2000

       Has it occurred to anyone that with phone implants we will no longer be able to tell who is "with it" from "who has lost it"? If we have in "in your ear" job, I favour Uhura's style.
Alcin, Aug 12 2000

       "Come in, Dick Tracy"
thumbwax, Oct 12 2000

       There IS such thing as a phone with a keypad on your wrist & a speaker & microphone for your thumb & pinky! I've been trying to find it. I saw one in a magazine last year some time in an article about Japanese people. It DOES exist, I just really want to find it... argghhh
jeneraa, Jun 23 2002

       I saw nearly this same thing in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art recently.   

       You know what you should call it?   

       "Talk To The Hand"
Dignan, Feb 02 2003


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