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Flipped Phone

Turn the cell over
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Turn the cell phone on its head. Put the keypad at the top and the display at the bottom. Easier to hold and dial. No more thumb cramps.
grieger, Jan 22 2006


       Just turn it upside down.
hidden truths, Jan 22 2006

       Given the amount of silly gimmicks used to sell us phones I'm surprised this hasn't been done already.
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       and when you're typing something on the keypad your hand "doesn't" cover the screen?
shinobi, Jan 22 2006

       Doubt it, not the way my thumb works.   

       Ohh... that's how you got the idea for a screenless phone.
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       absolutely brilliant! ... except for what [shinobi] said ...
ixnaum, Jan 23 2006


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