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Social app framework for realtime info sharing
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Give and get up to date shared information for public transportation, interactive shopping, touring, waiting on line and much much more.

Makes building interactive shopping apps where info that you give helps others find the product they need or choose where and what to by, find out what's happening to with your bus, discussing and sharing news and other things that are all about this moment.

The Helpout bus app gives you tips and lets you give out tips about which stop will be closest to you, what other options exist and what kind of neighborhood you will be getting off at. Nice things to know and nice people you can meet etc. All shown in intuitive layouts with the user experience itself constantly being discussed and improved.

Probably the way to go with this idea is to make 2 or 3 apps and then start building the framework around them.

I'll open up some GitHub projects all under this framework and define them with requirements as issues in github. Stay tuned.

pashute, Sep 15 2019


       I'm interested, but I'm not clear on what the interaction is going to be like. With most of the apps and websites I know where you get help with problems from other humans, you have to describe your problem and they have to describe their proposed solutions in writing, which is slow and cumbersome relative to the apps and websites I know where you find the solution yourself using their tools, using a user interface optimized for the problem domain. If you have a way to use such domain-specific user interfaces to communicate with other humans, in a general way, I will be very excited.
notexactly, Sep 26 2019

       Much friendlier than hell-pout: [+]
pertinax, Sep 26 2019


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