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kitten clock

make use of that thing
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replace your kitten's collar with a normal wrist watch. when your pet enters the room u can see what time it is.

and im still alive. just.

benfrost, Jun 28 2002

An appropriate wrist watch http://www.oneinami...com/images/catd.jpg
For blissmiss. [DrCurry, Jun 28 2002]

Bonsai Kitten http://www.bonsaikitten.com/
If I didn't know better this could be on the HB [barnzenen, Jun 28 2002]


       I like it.   

       Good to see you, ben.
waugsqueke, Jun 28 2002

       If I do this for my little canine companion, will he then be a watch dog ?
8th of 7, Jun 28 2002

       croissant only because the suggestion wasn't "kitten jam" <grin> good to see ya' ben.
runforrestrun, Jun 28 2002


       Could I propose a pre-emptive ban on kitten knife, kitten cupboard, kitten sink etc etc.
st3f, Jun 28 2002

       Ah, but would it repel fleas and ticks?
barnzenen, Jun 28 2002

       If you put the kitten in a little bag, it could time the dachshund.
pottedstu, Jun 28 2002

       before i read the description, i thought i already had two of these -- kitten alarm clocks -- except i can't set them to go off when i want them to. they usually go off around 3 in the morning by gnawing my toes. if only i could get them to do that at 6:45 or so.... but doing anything so useful for a human would automatically render them non-feline (:
china, Jun 28 2002

       barnzenen - No, it wouldn't repel fleas, but it WOULD tick!
TeaTotal, Jun 28 2002

       Thanks tea, was wondering how long it would be before someone would take the bait. Wonder if this is something we could propose to the bonzai kitten corp. Can't find any links right now, but when I do I'll post them. Bliss, and all other kitten lovers, you might not want to go there.
barnzenen, Jun 28 2002

       Better use a Timex -- they "take a licking" and all...
MrWrong, Jun 28 2002

.9 = ^. .^ =.3
.8 .7 .6 .5 .4
thumbwax, Jun 29 2002

       it may not be very useful, but it would be addorable
mr logan, Jan 06 2009


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