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Herbal Anti-gullibility Supplement

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Herbal supplement companies make pills out of duck dung and whale spit, slap a label on the bottle describing the wonder-pill's function (improves memory, concentration, sexual function, golf swing, suit and tie color, what-have-you) and let the placebo effect do its thing, making them a multi-billion dollar industry.

We can do the same thing, label our pills as eliminating the gullibility function of the brain, and rely on the same placebo effect. We will bring these companies down. (If we want to make any money, however, we better charge a very high price, because we won't get any repeat customers...)

globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2001


       *applause* I would vote for this at least ten times if I wasn't such a rules-respecting wuss. Great idea.   

       UnaBubba: Damn, I better hang onto my old dictionary, it's gonna be a collector's item. Thanks for the heads-up.
Dog Ed, Apr 25 2001

       I heard about that too, but i decided to put it back in. I mean, call me a skeptic, but I'm just not convinced it should have been removed....
globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2001

thumbwax, Apr 25 2001

       Baked? Where?!? I need some of that stuff!
(Or are you pulling my leg?)
wasraw, Apr 25 2001

       Maybe he means the gullible-dictionary joke is baked...
globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2001

       Is the gullible-dictionary a relative of the talking phone book?
wasraw, Apr 25 2001

       Um, what? What do you mean, 'gullible'?   

       It might be because I just washed my hair with this chamomile shampoo and I'm (yawn) a little sleepy, but I'm confused. Please explain, and do it slowly. You're talking to a blonde.
1percent, Apr 25 2001, last modified Apr 26 2001

       Thanks, guys. I'm taking notes as fast as I can. Not an easy job, when you're trying to separate the W&W's from the M&M's at the same time ...
1percent, Apr 27 2001


       I had a gullible dictionary:   

       ME: Hey, gullible dictionary, guess what? A greznitz is a kind of monk's hat.
G-D: Is that so? I'll add it to my pages immediately
ME (aside): snicker snicker.
globaltourniquet, Apr 27 2001

       I thought that the isophenoline in yaks testicals does the trick. I'll sell you a bottle for only $19.95 ;-)
StAndrew, Apr 02 2002

nineteenthly, Jun 14 2011

       Of course, in 1-2% of users, the antigullibility treatment causes paranoia. And, since, unfortunately, the antidote (gullibility pills) also work by placebo, in such cases there's nothing to do but wait for the reaction to subside (or else phenothiazines).
mouseposture, Jun 14 2011

nineteenthly, Jun 15 2011


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