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Heritage not Hate

For all you Confederate Fans
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We could make Nazi propaganda posters with heritage not hate on them. That we could honor another brutal government.
Breakfast, Aug 02 2002


briandamage, Aug 02 2002

reensure, Aug 02 2002

       Would all the Confederate fans in the house please raise their hands?
DrCurry, Aug 03 2002

       Good question/answer, Doc.
See, this is the thing with advocating that which is obviously good, but ironic. For example, environmental waste/conservation is an issue which, as good an issue it may be, it's, well, obvious that resources (I don't *care* if it's on XX % recycled paper) are wasted in order to print, glue (with recyclable {I assume} peel-away paper) for all those bumper-stickers and so forth advocating that waste is a bad thing. So why waste all the other resources necessary to create the bumper-sticker? Ridiculous.
thumbwax, Jul 18 2003

       I hate this idea.
lawpoop, Jun 11 2005

       //I hate this idea//
And you dredged it up just to tell us that?
angel, Jun 11 2005


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