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Historical Litter

Historical litter society throws litter on the ground with historical information
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This is an idea for a history project that will throw old newspaper clippings or photocopies of them and other historical text and objects like old product containers or an old piece of period dress or something historical that is valueless like that all over the place. The history group will get fines for littering but they will happily pay them knowing that they are keeping history alive.
guncandy, Oct 31 2015


       I got a page like that on face book but it is free. Though I don't think anyone cares about old inventions.
travbm, Oct 31 2015

       +. Not that I like the idea too much, but its genuinely from yesterday.
pashute, Nov 01 2015

       Really only works as instructional litter, if the outside looks like money, or, even more remotely, candy.
4and20, Nov 01 2015

       Your ideas are beginning to make some sense to me...hmmm, must need sleep or something...:-)
blissmiss, Nov 01 2015

       Old books are often thrown away. Especial old floppy disc. It would seem like many things old and historical wind up in the dump from floppies, old books and 386 computers. Historical litter was first found in Egypt called the Roseta Stone used for translating ancient Egyption.
travbm, Nov 01 2015

       In the antiques of Beth Shean, in Israel, there is a broken sewage pipe from the Roman period (circa 100 BC) with historical remnants in it.
pashute, Nov 03 2015


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