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Heterosexual male accidental mutual eye-contact relief/assurance gesture

No, I'm not gay, not that I have anything against it, but...
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Gentlemen, nothing is more embarrassing than that accidental eye-contact you make with the guy in the car next to you when both of you were only hoping to catch sight of another good-looking girl. One will never experience a quicker, more obvious look-away than at that moment. But I think we should acknowledge to each other our intent, relieve each other of suspicion and embarrassment, and go on, re-assured of the other's appreciation for our manhood. So I propose a simple, subtle gesture that we direct toward each other that simply means, "I'm not like that, just looking for hot chicks like you, my good man, catch you on down the road." Perhaps a finger to the temple or something -- something subtle so that the uninitiated don't take it for undue attention.
globaltourniquet, Apr 21 2001


       Good Idea, could also avoid those situations where the eye contact is interpreted as "Yeah, I'm a red-blooded male and I'm gonna race the hell out of you when these lights change"
Little_Crow, Apr 21 2001

       men...you live in your own strange little world...don't you?
Susen, Apr 21 2001

       The spirit of my idea was grasped precisely by ItsMan. Another possible gesture might be to stick our tongues firmly into our cheeks....
globaltourniquet, Apr 21 2001

       And we like it here, Susen. Quarantined as we are from the dreadful cooties.
globaltourniquet, Apr 21 2001

       Now I fear the anti-redundancy squad of the word police is going to come after me for that "mutual eye-contact" flub.
globaltourniquet, Apr 21 2001

       Avoid 'the pat' at all cost. Preferably, tug your contact-side button down slightly, as if to loosen the weight of the material against your skin while you blow down your shirt. If he persists in staring at you, that's his problem. Race the s* out the m* afore he tries to meet you IRL.
reensure, Apr 21 2001

       reensure: I'd love to race the s* out of the m*, but driving a 1.2 Corsa kind of means I'll get beaten by most drivers anyway.
I like Itsman's idea though, it could definitely cutdown on heterosexual misunderstandings.
Little_Crow, Apr 21 2001

       i don't have this problem. if it's a guy, i just stare him the hell down and whip his @$$ John Force style.
tkeyser, Apr 22 2001

       How does making eye contact with someone equate to homosexuality. If anything I start to wonder when a man specifically does not make eye contact... i.e. what a pu**y.   

       You obvously DO have something against gays, as you feel embarrasment with how others "may" percieve you.
andrewkorbel, Apr 22 2001

       Actually, I assumed globaltourniquet was being facetious, and this was just a thinly disguised rant perpetuating the heterosexual male as woefully insecure, homophobic and probably repressed, a characterization as bad as that in the "straight pride" idea of heterosexuals as bland Readers' Digest types.
bookworm, Apr 22 2001

       Global, if I recall correctly--you live in SoCal-- Los Angeles perhaps--If so, communities of West Hollywood (largely* Gay) or Silverlake (sizeable* Gay population) may be your reference points. I'm a transplanted Angeleno myself-(7 years altogether). I drive through WeHo 10 times a week and sometimes am on foot there as well... Silverlake maybe 2-4 times a week... I've come to the conclusion that I'm in my car, just like Joe Blow* next to me going someplace. Being happily settled with my Girlfriend means I don't need to look for females of any description. Prior to that time, I'd get 'the look' to which you refer. What I've found is that since I'm just out* and about, there's no need to get hot* and bothered* if some other man looks at me 'as if'. If you insist on making a gesture of some description--try this one on for size*. : - P
*=no pun intended
thumbwax, Apr 22 2001

       PeterSealy - what makes you think Global rides a Penny Farthing?
KB2, Apr 22 2001

       It's a bit like the "gay hand" - when you accidently brush against your best mates oiled, erect nipple (although purely by chance) and you both try and laugh it off pretending there is'nt a little gay person in everyone, scratching at the surface, trying to get out. As a rule the more homophobic a person the bigger their little gay inner self - just incase you were wondering.
chimpboy, Apr 22 2001

       Little Crow, Put wide wheels on your corsa, a big exhaust, get a number 2 haircut, a baseball cap and a loud stereo. You won't go any faster, but you might scare the odd fiesta driver with the same kit .
sid, Apr 22 2001

       Yes-chimpboy makes a good point... So there you are in the gym, G-Lo... and after your workout you just can't help but notice your best mates rock hard buttocks glistening in the shower and...
thumbwax, Apr 22 2001

       ..both of you (probably) realize you're getting what you worked out for, now that you've fatigued yourselves and your defenses are exhausted you're succeptable to the taboo.
reensure, Apr 22 2001

       whoah...did you -see- that?!?!?!?! what the hell was that freaky stuff going on!?!?!?
technobadger, Apr 22 2001

       All in good fun, but this cuts across gender and nationality to our fundamental nature: are you a 'cat' or a 'dog' type? A 'cat' like the late Richard Feynman could care less what the other fellow thinks; a 'dog' like Tony Blair (correct me, Brits) would not wish to be perceived incorrectly. Amont the Halfbakers I'd guess Susen is a 'cat,' and as for myself, well, my username says it all.
Dog Ed, Apr 22 2001

       Hi Peter. Hey, have you been working out or something?
hippo, Apr 23 2001

       This is only a problem because people might be less secure about who they are these days and because we have lost common languages of gesture. Renaissance Venetians actually taught gesture to their citizens and one of these books has been translated to English recently by a professor of anthropology who studies gesture as a part of communication.   

       I would use a minor shake of the head to indicate suprise and/or bewilderment and carry on with whatever I was thinking about or doing. Being subjected to various types of examination by strangers is something you just have to get used in any major city.
Aristotle, Apr 23 2001

       Well said, waugsqueke. <<<<<applause>>>>>
1percent, Apr 23 2001

       Unless I have misread other instances of facetious foolery, only bookworm (and, early on, ItsMan) caught my original drift. I did get what I was fishing for -- a heated discussion of gender and preference. And light shed on our prejudices. (Forgive the possible misuse of the forum, but it served a purpose...)   

       PS: applause to waug is likewise offered from here...
globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2001

       And UB, I am convinced from experience that homosexuals are in equal proportion over the population as heterosexuals (and bisexuals, for that matter) warm, generous, happy, funny and intelligent. I would make no generalization that any sexual preference has any particular social behavior pattern -- I would consider that stereotyping, albeit positive.... (Much like saying Asians are good at math, a stupid generalization that is another instance of oversimplifying your perception of life by means of uneducated labelling)
globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2001

       Maybe we need someone to post an idea for a HB facetious comment indicator symbol for these uncertain moments....   

       Just to clarify... that is precisely why I offered my applause for your title readjustment comment.
globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2001

       and how could I object to your calling me globe when I have of my own accord taken the liberty to call you waug? Call me what you like, call me Prime Minister if you wish. Just don't call me a fag.
globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2001

       Why you tolerance fascist you.   

       The idea came because the event it describes is real. I often conduct the experiment purposefully, and so many look away so fast you would think they prefer whiplash to possibly being seen as interested in my handsome mug.
globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2001

       I usually just give a :\ face, so as to suggest that yes, we did make eye contact, and considering as how I am a heterosexual male, I am disappointed for not finding an attractive young lady instead of your hairy, g-mug. Either that, or a knowing grin so as to admit that, yes, that is what I was looking for, the same as I know you were doing when you looked at me. It usually goes over well enough, then we look back at the lights and get on with our lives.
absterge, Apr 23 2001

       Hey, waugsquekerdoodleheimerfunglebleep,   

       you said:   

       //if I was to use the same short-naming technique, I would have simply called you 'glob' and be done with it//   

       That is provided the shortening technique isn't percentage-length-based, for which there is no indication. In the case where it is so based, waug and globe are almost equal (waug being 40% of your name and globe being 33% of mine, global is exactly equal...), with the additional provision for vowel declension from "a" to "e" in my name's case. And I should say the declension is certainly asthetically (not to mention grammatically) preferable...
globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2001

       And that's not to mention that, given that it has been several weeks since I dragged myself to my local PA meeting, it's "if I _WERE_ to use..."
globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2001

       wouldnt most openly homophobic men just put up their middle fingers at any person they suspected was gay? THEN they would race off at the lights, their stereo booming.
pipp, Apr 23 2001

       "openly homophobic"   

       That's an interesting turn of phrase. We now have a new closet sexuality issue to deal with:   

       "Are you now, or have you ever been, a homophobic?"   

       Soon there will be a don't-ask-don't-tell policy in the military regarding homophobia.   

       Soon teen-age homophobes, unable to deal with the ostracization they experience from their tolerant peers, will be the new psychological crisis in our schools.   

       (One can always hope...)
globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2001

       (pardoning your ad hominem for the moment)   

       Apologies for the HB faux-pas. Although protest is not the verb. More like HB masturbation, as   

       methinks the narcissist doth masturbate too much.   

       (how am I doing?)
globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2001

       (+) You're drawing in the declensionists, the conjugators, and you turn a fetching PA. I think there's even an audiophile or two casting lots. That okay?
reensure, Apr 24 2001

       (pun unintentional)   

       come one, come all
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

       What a load of smarmy political correctness. Look or don't look, just get over your lack of self worth/confidence.
wasraw, Apr 24 2001

       "As a rule the more homophobic a person the bigger their little gay inner self - just incase you were wondering." says Chimpboy.   

       The point of view that homophobics are really self-repressed homosexuals seems to have entered modern folklore with (and I'm open to correction here) no evidence to back it up whatsoever. Personally, I've always found homophobics either will have come from a small community, or will be an intolerant and arrogant person who is unwilling to accept those whose values and behavious different from their own. Neither of these attributes are those one normally associates with homosexuals.   

       I can understand how the theory came about - either as a mechanism for insulting homophobics (a fairly standard insult is to tell people they are what they least like), or as an essentially comedic mechanism (used in, for example American Beauty), but I find it rather perplexing that this theory persists as a truism.   

       Incidentally, Glob, as this topic has shifted towards the debate you originally intended, perhaps it would make more sense to shift it into another category, such as culture:sex or other:relationships?
Lemon, Apr 24 2001

       I believe the theory goes like this: People not previously exposed to homosexuality are likely to be shocked, maybe repelled but they will get over it. However people who persistently devote time to harassing gays (and vis-versa) should have a reason for doing it. Being insecure about their own sexuality is a credible reason but not the only one, of course.
Aristotle, Apr 24 2001

       Not well. I'd say I'm about 79.2% straight. But who's counting?   

       And I don't recall ever asserting my heterosexuality seriously.... Hmmmm. UB needs facetiousness training.
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

       not necessarily, UB, they are just indeterminate. Maybe even only vaguely sexual.
absterge, Apr 24 2001

       Apologies, this is on topic.   

       I once inadvertently made eye contact with another male in a bar. It turns out he was a homophobic (I never found out if he was a repressed homosexual), and he enquired if he might take physical and violent issue with me over the 'pass' I'd made at him. I managed to extricate myself from the confrontation unharmed, but it would have been much easier if I'd had a simple gesture at hand with which to diffuse the tension sooner.
Rodomontade, Apr 24 2001

       Virtual realms got laws?
centauri, Apr 24 2001

       The other 20.8% prefers pistachios to walnuts.   

       It's tough when folks are absolutely determined to take you seriously.
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

       What I'd really be interested in knowing is who are the seven who have voted for this idea. One I think might be the homosexual who could have used such a signal as a ruse to avoid a dangerous situation. That I can understand. As for the others, well we seem to have six here who are not comfortable with their sexuality.   

       And, Peter, you can never out me. My wife has been trying for years...   

       (to say nothing of my sexual preference, that speaks rahter ill of my sexuality in general doesn't it? Ah well, all in good fun...)
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

       Somewhere along the line, all this boils down to having manners and being civil to one another in public - regardless of sexual orientation, belief system, dress, culture, ad nauseum.   

       Those folks that feel that perceived differences should be addressed by violence need a mandatory "Miss Manners" lesson in public behavior. The rest of us should be able to play nicely without rummaging through others *closets*, unless we're specifically invited.
wasraw, Apr 24 2001

       Isn't this fun? It reminds me of Brain Candy.
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

       Isn't that the name of that Kids in the Hall movie? Brain Candy? Where the dad can't face his homosexuality?   

       Anyway, I do have one serious protestation to make (despite the fact that I have been cited already by the protest police, whichthinks I doth too much).   

       By no means could I be labelled politically correct. The only thing I can fathom that could possibly be construed as such is my assertion that one mustn't generalize about any group, even with positive intention. The issue has nothing to do with hurting people's feelings, the main protest of the PC. The assertion is merely that one should stick to demonstrable facts, and not make knee-jerk blanket statements that can't be supported in the real world. This is the problem of generalization as well as political correctness -- unlearned oversimplification. A person who suffers from PC would protest the joke I made about "Just don't call me a fag": "Ooooh you shouldn't joke about that, you'll offend gay people." That's just stupid. They have no account for context. But to generalize by saying homosexuals are warm and friendly is equally egregious in its irrationality. You can make statements about groups that serve to describe the grouping -- homosexuals sexually prefer the same gender. But warmth and friendliness do not participate in that group description. So it is an ignorant assertion, based on knee-jerk oversimplification.
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

       I was referring to UB's assertion that I am   


       and referring back to my response to his generalization that homosexuals are warm, friendly, etc. because that was the only thing I could find that could possibly give him cause to make that claim.
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

       woops, I must have stumbled into a flamer war. I mean flame war. (only kidding, fellas)
AfroAssault, Apr 24 2001


       Er, um... I'm with stupid.   

       First you use the term "generally" then you say you aren't generalizing. Intrinsic to the definition of "generalizing" is that you say things are generally some particular way.   

       As for narrow-mindedness, I feel little need to dignify that ad hominem. My rational view speaks for itself. It is the irrational that are narrow-minded. It is because of the very fact that I have known many homosexual people that I can say with confidence that they are no more or less warm funny happy generous blah blah people than any particular group. It is not by their ability to be categorized as gay that they in any way ("generally" or "automatically") inherit any social behavioral pattern. You nit.
globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2001

       All this gay stuff started with alchohol, I guarantee you. Get a roomful of people sloshed enough and they'll start choosing sides--the rest falls under "Who takes the title home."

Most gay men I see are sick. That is sad. Even sadder is the few who aren't sick and have personality disorders. That actually seems to distress females more than straight males. I wonder if this is why homophobes appear so tough on gays? Could be that all that aggression is just misplaced lust.
reensure, Apr 25 2001

       Wow! All this angst, just from a bit of eye contact whilst sitting in a car? Just think of the mental agonies you'd have to go through if you were jammed onto public transport every morning.
DrBob, Apr 25 2001

       I personally wouldn't mind a "I'm not looking at you because I'm interested, I'm looking at you because the train's too crowded and I forgot to bring a book" gesture...
bookworm, Apr 25 2001

       waugsqueke: well said.   

       but really children, enough of this foolishness. you have all made some wonderful (and not so wonderful) points here but it's time to move on. you're taking up space on the recent 3 page that could be used for some other ideas.
mihali, Apr 25 2001

       Like I said... I've come to the conclusion that I'm in my car, just like Joe Blow* next to me going someplace.
thumbwax, Apr 26 2001

       Obviously this is a very emotionally charged issue, but it is interesting to watch the virtual posturing that goes on with regard to sexual preferences. Feels like some of us are holding a virtual hand over our virtual crotches to protect our manhood.   

       I had a guy try to pick me up in a men's room once (granted, not the most romantic of venues) and I told him that I was flattered but straight and we left it at that. I didn't feel the need to prove my heterosexuality by beating him up nor did it really cause me to question whether I was standing on the right side of the sexuality fence. And as far as I know, the event didn't cause my penis to shrink at all.   

       We won't solve the conflict in this forum, but it is interesting to see that in a place where some of the most well spoken (typen?) and intelligent folks hang out that the emotions surrounding such a simple conflict seem to follow a similar pattern to other forums that I would consider less refined and insightful.
RobGraham, Apr 26 2001

       Wow. I hadn't read this since I posted my comment on the 21st about men living in their own little world.... I was soooooo right. BTW, nice to hear I'm a cat....my cats will be happy but my dogs may have issues with that.   

       What is all of this about? In a prior existence, when I wasn't a hermit on my farm, I will admit to staring at women also... who cares? People are interesting to look at and study. I did the "beauty pageant" thing briefly too and believe me, I checked out the competition and they did too.   

       As for worrying about looking from one car to the next, everyone does that! So What? Unless the guy in the next car starts to smile, lick his lips, and mouth the words "hey, baby"..... assume they are not interested in you and have no gay intentions.   

       For the record, one of my best friends in the world was a gay man (moved, lost track of each other). He definitely did not hit on people in the car next to him.   

       As for a female's perspective of what I think when the guy in a car is trying to get my attention.... I mostly just ignore them or give them my best look of annoyance.
Susen, Apr 26 2001

       what is wasp?
technobadger, May 04 2001

       White Anglo Saxon Protestant. It's another way of saying 'whitebread' or 'geek'
thumbwax, May 04 2001

       ...except that 'geek' has connotations of smart and/or introverted, whereas WASP is more general. Most white people fall into the WASP category, at least the USians. 'geek' is a subset of WASP, but geek also includes (especially in the sciences) non-WASPs.
absterge, May 04 2001

       Actually "geek" is more about being anti-social than introverted, since a "geek" is technically a carnival showman who bites the heads off of chickens.
danrue, May 05 2001, last modified May 09 2001

       Wear sunglasses. It gives you plausible deniability of eye contact. Wear them at night too, like in that song.   

       By the way, I fully understand and appreciate the facetiousness of the idea, but facetiousness has a short shelf life on a message board before it begins to curdle like so much speed-bump-filling custard. Alas.
ejs, May 17 2001

       Well, this post is getting big, but we might as well have input from a 33 year-old gay guy.   

       Almost all my friends are straight. When they run into a potentially homoerotic situation with me, like the eye-contact in the car, they just put their hand on my knee and tell me how happy they are to know me... maybe even rub my neck.   

       They do the same thing to oneanother.   

       Thank God my male friends know that we guys have to look out for eachother. After all, the girls are usually waiting at home to selfishly create some sort of anti-productive chaos that will take the guy weeks to clean up anyway.   

       Sorry ladies, no offense, but that's an honest observation.
Astro00, Jul 24 2001

       I'll never look at drag racing at the lights in the same way again.
Helium, Jul 24 2001

       If "geek" includes non-WASPS, then "geek" is not a subset of WASP.
baf, Jul 25 2001

       I was due to take my first driving lesson next week - I read this - and cancelled it
Redbrickterrace, Jul 25 2001

       hey guys... a girl here. whenever i may be driving, i tend to look over into the next car as well. it's usually to see what kind of person is there and if there is any potential. ( use your imagination) however, if you want, you can just wait at the light without looking over to the other car, and avoid the situation altogether. Because you just may have other more important things to think about than who's in the car next to you and whether they think of you.
samm, Oct 31 2001

       hopefully this site is not dead
samm, Oct 31 2001

       Peter; "...I would say that if someone's looking for a fight, they'll pick it over the first thing that comes into their alcohol-blurred brain". Now, simply substitute sex for violence, and your "Johnson" for the switchblade, and you will percieve that there is probobly a grain of truth to the HS CW that homophobia is a form of "acting out" of an uneasy denial.   

       I am mostly of the psychbiology school, and I presume there are probobly gradations of this, pheremones, and visual cues have much to do with sexual attraction, and I have usually been taken by suprise when a guy made a pass at me, although in retrospect, there were generally some hints that simply did not register - I've learned that sharing an avid interest in hetero pornography, for example, is usually a bad sign.   

       As far as eye contact goes, extending the middle finger, while smiling broadly generally works, although there are all sorts of subtler kinesthetics that will serve - projecting a look of utter boredom and enui is usually effective - conveying disinterest is the key.   

       This is actually something I've thought about, since I'm an artist, and occasionally find myself inadvertantly staring at someone, usually female, but occasionally a good looking male, particularly if he has good musculature and tone, and if they catch me, I have to defuse the situation quickly, as I am studying the natural rythm and flow of their motion, what the muscles do in different positions, etc. and it screws it up if they become stiff and self conscious. Not to mention it might give me reputation as some kind of pervert - some people really freak out if they catch someone looking at them. Of course, I live in the provinces, where people are not quite so thick skinned.
whatzabuzz, Oct 31 2001

       i check out chick comfortable with the notion that very few of them will ever find a lumbering lunk such as myself attractive (that is until i get that red vette convertible)...however, i am equally confident that i could score with 90% of the G(u)(a)ys out there...and i have a solution...either #1) we all give up caring how complete strangers that will never see us again think about our sexuality, or #2) (a fail safe when a man is truly uncertain of his own sexuality) take your index finger, insert it deeply inside your right or left nasal passage, and remove the juiciest booger you can find. this will almost certainly repel the potential homosexual (i can safely say i have never heard of a single human with a booger fetish) however now you have a different problem...ok so you are not gay, but you are socially worse...a nose picker...nose pickers are not popular with any demographic...so i leave it to you to "pick" your poison...
1MilesWest2, Oct 31 2001

       [Admin: Moved from car:communication to public:communication]
hippo, Mar 06 2002

       Hm. Now this is one idea where I definitely regret removing my annotations.
waugsqueke, Mar 06 2002

       I'd take it as a compliment if someone thought I was gay... it probably means I've somehow fooled them into thinking I have good fashion sense.
Jeremi, Mar 07 2002

       I spent half an hour this morning looking for this - in connection with one of [FJ]'s
po, Jan 19 2003

       And all the time it was in the car next to you. Should've looked.
egbert, Jan 19 2003

       if you are gay, can you fancy yourself?
dimbo, Jan 19 2003

       [eggy] yep, I was looking in the urinals
po, Jan 19 2003

       There already is a rather universal sign for such moments, a quick, rather obvious look-away. It's how real men communicate all sorts of emotions, from "Congratulations, son," to "What are you looking at?"
resurgere, Jan 19 2003

       I find that if you wink and lick your upper lip, that usually does the trick. Then you rub your eyes, squint at the person again, and slap your forehead. Continue to squint as you drive off, and you probably won't be followed.
ocredbrd, Jul 23 2003

       Picking your nose is pretty effective, too
ocredbrd, Jul 23 2003

       your first was better :)
po, Jul 23 2003

       If anybody's still reading this, it is a "scientific fact" that any eye contact between strangers lasting more than two seconds IS a sign of sexual interest. Deal with it. (Of course, this is no help to those who can't count above two...)
NeallF, Mar 28 2004

       In all my life I have never seen an attractive woman in the car next to me.
whatastrangeperson, Mar 28 2004

       I find that an acknowleging sort of head nod suffices. Not like a "yes" nod, but a greeting sort of nod--a nod upwards as opposed to downwards.
Eugene, Mar 28 2004

       // it is a "scientific fact" that any eye contact between strangers lasting more than two seconds IS a sign of sexual interest. //   

       Where did you read that load of horseshit?
waugsqueke, Mar 28 2004

       The gesture could be wetting your finger on your tongue and then wetting your eyebrows with it...
Frostybeard, Mar 28 2004

       I love it. This would save me so many speeding tickets. If I do this (which I DO), I just down it and hit the gas. Because it's a guy that I just passed, usally it turns into a race.
evilpenguin, Aug 21 2007

       thanks for bring this topic back evilpenguin, now lets all walk away like it never happened, just like we allways do when we make eye contact....
F_R_O_G, Aug 22 2007

       Even more important than this idea is when I want to express approval to work that the other driver has done to his car. Sitting next to him at a light, hearing the turbo, or just a great paint job. Wich there was a really good way to express the compliment. RIght now it's the devil fingers "rock" position.
evilpenguin, Aug 22 2007

       Who's responsible for bringing this nonsense back? I've never voted on my own idea, but I'm boning this just counteract whatever zeit ghost is doing this.   

       This is not an invention, it's barely an idea, and it sucks for whatever it is. I certainly don't want this eclipsing "Kong for a day" on my ego list...
globaltourniquet, Aug 22 2007

       Political correctness is killing discourse...
nihilist13, Aug 22 2007

       [gt] that would be my bad. Looked through your profile
evilpenguin, Aug 22 2007

       oh drat! here it is again and I like it!!+
xandram, Mar 17 2009

       Some cultures (and subcultures) put a lot of weight on eye contact, but in that setting no level of contact is acceptable. Here in the US I've found that a broad grin, a rev, and the "flat out" hand gesture (hand held out palm down at shoulder height or with palm resting on wheel) generally gets a race. I think that people who worry about this sort of thing are more concerned by the feelings that THEY are having when they lock eyes with someone than the response that that person may have.
WcW, Mar 17 2009

       By choosing to drive an aqua car you make the bold statement, "I don't care about that $&!T" which I think is really healthy
WcW, Mar 18 2009

       One of the best things about the swiss cheese effect of deleted accounts is the occasional wonderfully schizophrenic seeming annotation like [KB2]'s.
hidden truths, Mar 18 2009

       Hi [ht] either I've not been paying attention, or you've not been round for a while - welcome back!
zen_tom, Mar 18 2009

       I like cheese, too! I don't think any of the proposed ideas fit the bill. Including your's wCw, what the heck are you describing with your palm down hand out yaka yaka. I understand turning this moment into a race. I think that tendancy is equally insecure; the race is a drawn out animal comparison. What we need is a staring contest.
daseva, Mar 18 2009

       just trying to point out that there are already some gestures for some things, that function in the context that he describes, just no gesture for "my shame feeling is not sexual" which would likely be a lie.
WcW, Mar 18 2009

       Haha... very well, then. So, the case is closed, one should revert to any number of preexisting jestures used between people in cars. What a weight lifted from my shoulders! <creepily looks at someone in the next car, flips him off, smiles, waves>
daseva, Mar 18 2009

       so you note that the poster also failed to invent a gesture for "I'm playing hard to get".
WcW, Mar 18 2009

       oh, leave [global] alone. he said he didn't really like this idea, anyway. I churned it because I loved the title and it is a valid concern. It works both ways, too. I was in a Whole Foods store and thought "why is that young guy looking at me like that" and when I passed by, I noticed it was a woman and didn't want to look at her!
xandram, Mar 18 2009

       This idea is a good example of being slightly gay, nothing wrong with that. Freud would approve, Socrates would join in.
daseva, Mar 18 2009

       When you're sitting on the bus or in a restaurant, having finally worked out the method of getting all that custard into the lawn-gnome without it exploding before you want it to....   

       what do you tell the unfortunate stranger sitting opposite you whom you've been staring at quite madly since the half-muse struck 5 minutes ago ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

       gr. replace 'that' with 'whom', put 'at' after 'madly'
daseva, Mar 19 2009

       i knew it was one of them "w" words but "what" didn't sound quite right.
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

       //This idea is a good example of being slightly gay//

Please illustrate, using Venn Diagrams. Extra points will be awarded for neatness.
DrBob, Mar 19 2009

       You could wire your horn to play a recording saying "I'm not gay!" really loud and just hit it when needed. Don't some of the upper end BMWs come with that option?   

       It would definitely be a surrealistic last thing for some pedestrian to hear before you plowed them down while driving recklessly to prove your manhood.
doctorremulac3, Mar 22 2009

       Guys guys guys guys - guys guys guys guys - guys guys guys guys - GUYS! You are f-ing this up big time. You are blowing your chances by being little professor sex-me-nots about it. First learn to stare people down - practice on babies and dogs. When you get to the point where it is a habbit to -- when you catch someone’s eye -- continiue to hold eye contact and only then decide what to do, then start to practice programmed responses to follow this eye contact moment like the double eyebrow pump, the one eyebrow arch, the “lah loo lah loo” tounge flicker. This last or perhaps a combination of all three is what I propose for an international signal meaning "go to a social networking website, perhaps laloolaloo.com and register as a guy friend of all of those guys who have caught eachother staring at eachother in cars while surreptitiously and furtively looking for girls. This is the only way you are going to get a girlfriend. Right now you are desperate. And the way nature rewards desperation is with avoidance. Isn't life terrific? It is a scientific fact that 99 percent of women will, when purposefully not stared at after initial presence acknowlegement is established, on purpose crash into your car and then walk out of the car sexily and drag you to the nearest motel to try to suck babies out of you. Women are interested in their perception of your STATUS, and nothing else. They are not interested in how much money you have or how smart you are or how good looking you think you are, they are interested in how well you can convey to them how many of those other desperate guys in cars you have managed to negotiate with and then establish mutally beneficial allegiances with. They are interested only - and this is like a part of their brain or something - in how many friends you can act like you have in the moment that they are interacting with you.   

       So start practicing your eybrow arches and your laloolaloo tounge flickers and please get on my friend list so I may stop thinking about stuff like this.   

       Oops damn that was a give-away. I should have put, "gah".
JesusHChrist, Mar 22 2009

       I find that if you wink and lick your upper lip, that usually does the trick. Then you rub your eyes, squint at the person again, and slap your forehead. Continue to squint as you drive off, and you probably won't be followed. — ocredbrd, Jul 23 2003   

       6 years later I am still laughing at this... JHC you are obviously a very sexy dude; meet me at the next traffic light and we'll see who crashes into whom.
dentworth, Mar 22 2009


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