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Hi Low Car Design

It's a sportscar and a truck
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The whole car body is hinged at the front bumper and the rear passenger section rides high like a truck at low speeds but it sinks way low like a sports car at higher speeds.So at high speed, you're sitting low at the back.

I was fished here initially because I mentioned more than four wheels so I'm back to two over-sized wheels in the back and two smaller ones up front.

mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004


       --Ah! The Hannibal Eight!
Steamboat, Dec 28 2004

       Wasn't this baked by Lincoln in their Mark VII or whatever the 2000 model was? It lowered itself at speed to lower drag.
natewill, Mar 28 2005

       You were fished for having a design with more than four wheels? Shame. Porsche successfully raced a six wheel design.
bristolz, Mar 28 2005

       [bristolz], Porsche raced six-wheel designs back before today's stricter regulations on ground effects. Six wheels were required because of the high amount of downforce. Think back to the days of the "Fan Car," the only car to win its only F1 race. (It used a fan for cooling that just so happened to suck the air from the bottom of the car, giving it insane active ground effects.)   

       I think this idea is a little too baked because, while the car is in "truck" mode, you have wasted space below the seats. Cars have a limited amount of space, and you can't just go wasting it like that.
kevinthenerd, May 31 2006


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