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fast car, safe airborne

the kit that would stop really fast cars from crushing down to the ground after accidentaly airborne
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no, it's not a parachute. It's a kit special made for really fast cars (doing more than 150 mph).

Picture this: a vehicle is running 150 miles per hour and the driver, under any circumstances, wouldn't want to slow down. A slight irregularity of the road makes the car to lose ground-contact.. the car goes up, rotates a bit because of the air friction and because of the unequal weight of it's components, and then starts descending (the velocity isn't reduced considerabily, though - this is the moment when the velocity actually increases.) it goes straight down with the front wheels ahead, backwheels upwards, the front side of the car then smashes into the road- first a small part of the engine, then the other part of the engine, together with the wheels, then it explodes, after that the passengers take lethal shocks, then they burn, and then the back of the car crushes too. what they didn't have on their car was a pair or two of wings.

I propose that whenever a car goes up into the air and travels at a high speed, a pair of wings should pop out of the front side of the vehicle (a little above the wheels) and another pair of wings should pop out behind, in order to mentain balance of the car while airborne, and a shark-tail at the top of the car, in order to ajust the torque of the vehicle.

Being paralel to the road isn't sufficient though, in order to avoid an accident like the one I described. The car could still crush into the gorund, even if it crushes with all 4 wheels at a time. The remarcable feature of the wing-system is that it helps reducing the vertical velocity, by transforming it into horizontal velocity. A built-in radar keeps track of the wheel-ground distance and of the velocity, and the system take this information and determine the right angle for the wings at that time.

The car would then land swiftly back on the road it flew from, leaving the driver and the passengers with a terrifying and cool experience.

sweet, Feb 16 2004

Racecar Flipping http://video.google...ash+flip&time=10000
Le Mans racecar spontaneously flips during a race [kevinthenerd, May 31 2006]


       I want to be the first to exploit this system for fun...
normzone, Feb 16 2004

       I believe Nascar(?) already have flaps on the roofs(rooves ?) of their cars to prevent the vehicle going airborne in certain situations.
python, Feb 17 2004

       NHRA Also uses the same "Air Door"
carguy, Apr 19 2004

       do airplanes have an automatic forced landing sistem? I see this is what's about.. an automatic car-forced-landing system. what's the sense of doing this to a car since airplanes don't have it ?
he117, May 08 2004

       Actually, there is a parachute system for light aircraft that deploys in an emergency. But if you're driving a car over an uneven road at 150 mph, why not just slow down to a safe speed?
whlanteigne, Nov 05 2004

       [he117] we like equip our cars with the Safe Airborne system and not our planes, because cars sometimes "take off" though they aren't ment to, while planes take off because we want them to. btw, does anybody know why there's no emergency "hit the road" system for cars, as there's no emergency "forced landing system" on planes ?????
sweet, Sep 30 2005

       I really, _really_ wish I understood that...
kmlabs, Dec 05 2005

       //then it explodes, after that the passengers take lethal shocks//   

       Gee, the big explosion ISNT lethal?
DesertFox, Dec 05 2005

       All sports and racing cars of this speed have many aerodynamic "wings" that hold them on the road. A Formula1 car could drive on the roof of a tunnel at 150mph as the wings produce nearly 3g at that speed.   

       So this is effectivley baked . It is far better to keep the car attched to the road than to make it "fly" straight after it has left the road. and no need for "height radar"!!!   

       I think you have been watching too many action films, as that is the only place that cars regularly "fly"....[-]
Minimal, Dec 07 2005

       [Minimal], there have been cases of race cars leaving the road because of spoiled air from the cars in front of them, despite the fact that they can drive upside down at race speeds. If I find a link to a case of this I'll post it.
kevinthenerd, May 31 2006


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