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High Frequency Sound Monetization

system of money applied to the emotional ecosystem that runs onour brain's collective high frequency sound modeling system
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Pairs of high frequency sounds in a row, like the "sh" and "th" in the phrase "fresh breath", as over-used in advertisements, create a platform inside of our brain's ability to model those sounds - you create a sort of a spread sheet in your mind, made up of the interferrance of the two sounds as your brain models them, and that space allows for the injection of all kinds of gestural datasets and that is where the real competitive evolutionary behavior is currently taking place. Only if we can get in there an measure the process, will we be able to deal with things like 3D printable guns and personal nuclear weapons. So this idea would be for an effort to get in there and measure that process.
JesusHChrist, Dec 27 2012


       It may be possible to discern a standardized microeconomic model vis a vis internal brain processes, but the difficulty lies in the ultimate paradox of any attempt to define a living socioeconomic paradigm in terms of a simplified set of quanta: Any process that can be fundamentally reduced to a unified determinative system must nevertheless be constrained by an overarching pragmatism in order to be verifiable by those who provide the very basis for the microcosm itself.
ytk, Dec 27 2012

       Voiceless fricatives are close to white noise rather than relatively pure chords or high frequency sounds. They doubtless have some high frequency components but that's not their distinctive feature, which is that they are noise.
nineteenthly, Dec 27 2012


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