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High speed travelators for department stores and shopping malls

Shop, drop and roll.
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Serving both the needs of the modern shopper with no time to browse and the dedicated thrillseeker with no inclination to shop, the high speed travelator hurls mall patrons from place to place. Each exit point is equipped with a large crash mat.
HappyZenWolf, Oct 15 2005

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       Brilliant. I had a similar idea to get pedestrians across streets without slowing traffic, but yours is more interesting, seeing how most malls have several levels. [+]
jellydoughnut, Oct 16 2005

       C'mon fess up. This is just a take off of the newest Future Shop commercial isn't it?   

       We don't have Future Shop commercials here (New Zealand) - the idea is actually based on a recurring dream I had when I was a kid.
HappyZenWolf, Oct 16 2005

       I believe you. Thousands might not, but I do. Their latest commercial has some guy tinkering with the escalator so it amps up to about ten times its normal speed allowing people to access the store more quickly.
No crash mats though.

       Yeah, I've had more than one novice scooter driver trying to maneuver their way around my store knocking over displays, running into other shoppers, running over my toes. Most of these folks can walk just fine, but they have grown too damn lazy to get off and leave the blessed thing parked out of harm's way. And when they knock over that stack of $200 stereos they look at you as if to say "Not my fault, you shouldn't have put them there" and drive off into the mall. Oh, for a Denver Boot!   

       <takes deep breath> Mmm, I feel so much better after that rant. Thanks!
Canuck, Oct 16 2005

       How fast would this be? As balance could well become an issue.
hidden truths, Oct 16 2005

       About as fast as a good waterslide. It would take a brave shopper to try to stay standing throughout the journey.
HappyZenWolf, Oct 16 2005


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