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Inspired by an annotation by [Galbinus Caeli] to one of his own ideas.

On board the quarter-full Flight 119 from London to New York, we see several of the passengers watching the inflight route map on their seatback screens. As the "Miles to Destination" counter clicks down to "2000", each and every passenger quietly unbuckles their seatbelt, retrieves their overhead luggage, and sits back down.

Shielded from view by the seats, each passenger furtively assembles various innocent-looking components to produce a range of clandestine weapons, from daggers to handguns. The camera cuts from one passenger to the next in turn, until each of them completes the assembly of their respective weapon with a satisfying click.

All passengers then stand at the same time, each one realizing only then that everyone else on the plane is also a hijacker, each with their own destination and purpose in mind.

Much hilarity ensues.

MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2012

Anti-Hijack! Spartacus_20Anti-Hijacking
[theleopard, Oct 17 2012]




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