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Killer Fools Inc.

Detective agency dream that starts as one man operation and expands into global franchises.
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Offices of Guy I. Malone, Private Investigator AKA Killer Fools Inc. operates out of old utility company offices, off the main street of town. It's all about that registration form at the city offices applying for the business license, when they asked for a business plan and a business model, he used an old shoe box and some sticky tack to make a desk, a plant, and a filing cabinet that he would have got for real if not for the sharp corners. He keeps all his files in cardboard boxes near the door. An extension cord is taped to the floor also indicates the path to walk around the desk. One end ends in a power bar under his desk, and the other is plugged into the wall behind the door. The cord is under the boxes so that if he needs to he can flip the desk, dump his professional operating system (POS) computer, and topple the boxes of pulp to barricade the door, or on top of whoever is standing in front of the desk. That was a nice business plan.

Those are the Fool Killer files. The first file was the case of the business plan. He had the idea for fool killer when he heard someone was trying to stop the state cheques. That's when he realized that someone was trying to kill fools. The business plan was another confirmation, when the nice lady at the offices didn't believe there was a need for anyone in the market to save fools. Clients rarely enter the office, mostly he lurks on Social Darwinist webpages, and looks for accidental or unexplained deaths in the newspaper, or obituaries.

A hand rolled marijuana cigarette burns in his ashtray. There's one framed picture on one of the three walls he never looks at. It's a particularly taunting cigarette ad that got the surgeon general's warning and the marketing scheme in an appreciable absurdity. He lifts a newspaper and sees that a garbage truck has backed into a crowd of people. He closes his eyes, and he sees a slender man in long dark coat staking his prey on a station platform. The slender man asks an excessively social young girl near the edge if she has seen the train. She looks at him and says no. Something about him worries her, and he walks away watching her. She sees him there far at the other end of the platform, and he makes a sudden lithe movement clearly indicating his watch and upturned palms. Annoyed and distracted she gestures excessively as if talking loudly over the distance, and cranes her neck while shrugging histrionically to indicate what she didn't know hit her.

He awakens with a stutter, pulling sweatily at his drawers; it's time .44 action.

rcarty, Dec 23 2014


       [Marked-For-Deletion] No Idea
MechE, Dec 23 2014

       Possible fool kill # 8975 arrange social media meetspace at the end of dumper ally and leave parking break open.
rcarty, Dec 23 2014

       At first read it bothered me.   

       At third read it strikes me as poetry, a character sketch. A trailer for a movie like " Saving Daylight " on Youtube.   

       What should I do? Someone always intervenes in the sedimentary process.
normzone, Dec 23 2014

       I looked more into one event I make vague reference to and it seems unlikely hypothesis.
rcarty, Dec 23 2014

       //staking his prey   

       Aye, that vampirism, it's a bugger I can tell you.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 24 2014

       Well it is at the climax or is there undead hordes in which case it is actually a grindhouse denoument he has mastered fear itself, stake in heart of darkness or something. So basically the stake is like any ordinary flagpost in a certain way of interpreting the story. Putting staking in that part of the text is sort of in a conflict between putting it anywhere on top of the mountain, or exactly on the highest point even considering the dump you couldn't take there. That's sort of controversial dirty thirties language which is the present age I'm at in terms of both my age, and the political outlook for the century. For example look at the fool killing themes in both Walt Disney's explanation for Mickey Mouse, and John Lennon's song "carry that weight", both are explained by "taking a dump" which indicates meaningless, but using simple discourse analysis we actually see that climax and meaning are connected, so that both fellows were taking a dump in both key signifying instances rather than perhaps taking a dump, and also planting his flag. Instead a plateau, that lasts 75 - 45 years.
rcarty, Dec 24 2014


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