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Hippie Water Cooler

Elegantly Water the 'Flowers' of the Future
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Let us assume for a moment that hippies love lava lamps. When they go traveling in their vans to protests in Washington, let us assume that they bring coolers and that these coolers are simply insulated vessels with temporarily cold contents. Without a place to plug in, their lava lamps are powerless and their protests meaningless.

The new hippie water cooler incorporates a lava lamp into the lower portion of an insulating side wall, but is not powered by a light bulb at the base. Instead, the wax inside is buoyant and floats at the top of the lamp. Cooled by the ice within the cooler, the wax sinks to the bottom of the lamp to be warmed by the ambient outside temperature and return to the main blob at the top, satsifyingly mesmerisingly.

Additionally, the temperature of the cooler could be monitored at a glance through the behavior of the lamp.

Empowered, a new hippie world order shall commence. Alas, no progress shall be made, for within their eyes shall forever gleam the subtle undulations of colored wax.

Ketchupybread, Aug 05 2007


       Ah. So it's safe to drink the water, then?
DrCurry, Aug 05 2007

       Your last sentence gets it's own bun.
wagster, Aug 05 2007


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