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His Majesty, Fred

Give the Royals different names.
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The practice of giving royal's names that other royals had is simply good for confusing people, and making history harder and boring than it already is. It also shows how un-original the British Royal Family is. My idea, is to either give new royal children different names, OR, and this would be the simplest option, rename every member of the royal family, past present and future, Fred.
QuadAlpha, Feb 21 2002

King Ralph http://www.hollywoo...detail/movie/161160
Hollywood tried, in their own way, to address this issue. [bristolz, Feb 21 2002]

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       We're trying to settle on a name for our imminently-pending daughter, who I'm sure will be royalty for at least a while. Like the royals to whom you refer, we've decided to use family names. Unlike them, though, we've decided to use names from *other* people's families.
beauxeault, Feb 21 2002

       Why? I mean, what's the idea here? If tradition isn't important, why keep the royal family at all?
phoenix, Feb 21 2002

       What about King Alfred The Great? Actually, going back to pre-1066 Old English names might be cool. If only the queen had called her children Ethelred, Cnut, Uthur and Guinevere.
pottedstu, Feb 21 2002

       I reckon Beatrice and Eugenie are old-school enough!
salachair, Feb 21 2002

       Charles does not intend being King Charles (something to do with heads and choppers I believe) he is planning to be King Robbie or something!
po, Feb 21 2002

       I dunno about their names, but if you changed their titles to plain Mr, Mrs or Miss then I'd be a lot happier.

beauxeault, good luck with the birthing! How about belleaux as a name? It's all that she'll be doing for the first few months anyway!
DrBob, Feb 21 2002

       PeterSealy: I sorta covered this when i posted my common Royal Family idea. Shortening their names to Liz, Phil, Chaz, Ed, Andy, and the future king, Prince Billy.
[ sctld ], Feb 22 2002

       So if they're all called Fred, what are we on now? Fred LXVIII ?
notripe, Feb 22 2002

       ............and the Queens? let them be Brenda!
po, Feb 22 2002

       t'ien hsia
technobadger, Feb 22 2002

       Naming someone Cnut could lead to some awful typographical errors...
snarfyguy, Feb 22 2002

       Actually, after trailing through the history books, i discovered that britain almost had a King Fred. George the seconds first born son was called Fred, but unfortunatly he got hit by a cricket ball and died beforeGeorge the second did. So we were this close||.
[ sctld ], Feb 23 2002

       was Bob the Bowler?
po, Feb 23 2002


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