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His Master's Toast

one sided toaster, with barking sensor
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His Master's Toast is so named because it resembles the famous name sake record label in appearance.

It is of course a toaster, which only toasts one side at a time (which is how I like my toast)

Here's how it works: you place a piece of the special preference circular bread on the turn-table, then lower the pick up arm in place. Instead of a stylus head, this has a heating element, so that as the bread rotates, it gets toasted. The faint aroma of the delightfully browning bread is vented out through the funnelled attachment, where a seated mechanical dog starts barking when it's done to pre-set perfection.

see pic

xenzag, Apr 29 2010

His Master's Toast https://www.art.co....EAQYAyABEgKPqfD_BwE
[xenzag, Apr 29 2010, last modified Dec 01 2018]


       With appropriate modulation of the power applied to the heating element, you could draw pictures on your toast too.
Wrongfellow, Apr 29 2010

       Splendid idea. A seperate nozzle behind the heating element could be used to dispense your choice of delicious preserve or spread onto the toast whilst it was still hot.
DrBob, Apr 30 2010

       Right clever, this.
whatrock, Nov 30 2018

       Will it not be the case that by the time the heating element has tracked across the disc, the starting point will have cooled to ambient temperature ?
8th of 7, Nov 30 2018

       This would be better implemented as a CD player. Existing BluRay laser diodes are quite capable of toasting.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 30 2018

       Possibly the platter could be a heated element, keeping the bread nicely warm whilst the top surface is being lased.
whatrock, Dec 01 2018

       This idea has too many unrelated elements to it. The basic idea of one-sided toast can be accomplished simply by breaking one heating element in a common toaster. [+]
Voice, Dec 01 2018


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