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Ho Ho Ho, let it snow...

...let it snow, let it snow.
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Every city, in every state, on every continent on Earth, will have access to the mighty "Snowblowing, Snowsculpturing, Snowplow".

Basically it's a regular snowplow with added plow features. (Kind of like the different blades you use on your food processor).

The driver slips on the shaper for Newington, and voila...at the end of every block is a giant reindeer sculpture.

Or maybe in Hartford, that driver would opt to do a different shape every block. (Or house by house if he really liked the neighborhood).

po has a big sparkling wreath shaped snow mound, and right down the street, Dr. Bob would have a 9 foot tall sculpture of the Grinch.

Perhaps, or perchance, each and every street corner in the Christian world, would have a lovely oddity sitting right abut the stop sign, or thereabouts.

Instead of those huge piles of snow they plop down, just to block your driveway, create works of art! Your neighbors and you could get together with hot chocolate and decorate the "snow thing". Christmas carols would be heard, quietly, softly, and with much reverence and joy, wafting from one corner to the next, whilst the snow delicately lands, silently, on everyone.

May we all reconnect, in the name of bris, and all remember that it could be, will be, should be, or might be, in the next breath...our time.

She is, this year, my hope for next.

Merry Christmas to all...

*This idea is dedicated to John, who first whispered it, his wife who endured it, bris who would have illustrated it, and waugs, who would have made it something other than what is was.*

blissmiss, Dec 24 2006

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       //Every city, in every state, on every continent on Earth, will have access to the mighty "Snowblowing, Snowsculpturing, Snowplow".//   

       What a mean trick to the children of Tortolla.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 24 2006

       I'm gonna go out right now and make a snow angel in memory of [bristolz]. And draw a halo over her head, and fill it with birdseed.   

       Merry Christmas, [bliss]!
lurch, Dec 24 2006

       You know bris would have told you to please not fill her head with birdseed...right???? (oh, and ditto).
blissmiss, Dec 24 2006

       I love that song. There is a radio station here that starts playing Christmas carols from Thanksgiving on.   

       The listeners voted "Im Dreaming Of A White Christmas", by Bing, as the number one all time favorite. Followed closely by the John Lennon classic.   

       Talk about polar opposites. And the line about "the war is over" becomes even more poignant this year, more to me than ever.
blissmiss, Dec 25 2006

       //I'm gonna go out right now and make a snow angel in memory of [bristolz]. //   

       Those have better not been idle words or I will be very angry with you. So did you?
zeno, Dec 25 2006

       I did, but snow conditions were crappy. Crusted, sunshiny, head-hurting type. I'll do it again proper next good snowstorm. But hey, the birds liked the fact the seed was on the surface. (In the halo, [bliss], I knew better than trying to make [bris] look seedy!)
lurch, Dec 25 2006

       I think, to my heart's contentment, that bris would love that: You, her, and seedy, were all componets of the same post.
blissmiss, Dec 25 2006

       Good for you [lurch]!
zeno, Dec 26 2006

       Missed this +
skinflaps, Apr 12 2009

       So did I. It's odd what painkillers can do to an another wise normal brain. Whew...glad that stage of my life is over.
blissmiss, Apr 12 2009

       Dang it, I need to start searching for prior art before writing up ideas... Great idea blissmiss, and merry christmas to you! [+] Anyway, here's a similar idea in anno-form, with more emphasis on the mechanism:   

       "The Snowman Snowplow is a modified plow, with an attachment designed to line the streets with something slightly more festive than an amorphous ridge of snow. The attachment looks like a small ferris wheel on the street-side end of the plow's shovel. But rather than seats regularly spaced about the wheel's circumference, it is equipped with rows of three melon-baller-like scoops, each row containing a small, medium, and large scoop. The three sizes, of course, correspond to the head, thorax, and abdomen of a snowman. The scoop-wheel rotates in the opposite direction to the snowplow's driving wheels, and as snow is pushed off to the side by the shovel, it is scooped upward by the scoop-wheel. At the apex of the scoop-wheel, a mechanism (like in a mash potato scoop) pops the three balls out into a ramp (abdomen, followed by thorax, followed by head) where they roll down into a stack on the ground. For a seasonal fee, the plow will also drop off a bag of coal, carrots, sticks, and snowman winter-wear by your mailbox."
swimswim, Dec 17 2009

       No swimsie, (if I may be so bold as to address you in that manner), I think your technology and idea are far superior in a sort of doingness way. If you get my (snow) drift. Yours is more plausable. And so I say, post it, for heavens sake.
blissmiss, Dec 17 2009

       Oh no, it's already set in the sacred stone of annotation. Besides, it's a Christmas gift to you and it would be ever so awkward to take it back. :)
swimswim, Dec 17 2009


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