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Hobermann Zeppelin

Folding Zeppelin
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Zeps are back! Zeps are kewl. But even if they fly 24/7 there's still the issue of maintenance. So who's got hangar space big enough? Short list. So howzabout making the 'rigid' inner tubular structure fold like a Hobermann Sphere? Gas can be pumped into smaller tanks and voila.
Steamboat, Nov 26 2008

Hoberman Sphere: http://www.hoberman...d/Sphere/sphere.htm
It glows in the dark. Big. Little. Big. Little. Hold my calls. [Amos Kito, Nov 26 2008]

Turbomolecular Pump http://www.answers....turbomolecular-pump
[quantum_flux, Nov 27 2008]


       So, not a gas bag that goes for the throat? [waves to Gov. Palin]
coprocephalous, Nov 26 2008

       Why not just have the whole thing telescopic? Then it could shorten lengthwise until you were left with a sort of short eggish thing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 26 2008

       I suppose you could make a Hoberman Prolate Spheroid too. Just be sure and recapture the balloon gasses, helium is a limited resource you know (at least until tritium fusion or alpha particle recovery from fission becomes safe and feasible). [+]   

       Of course, you wouldn't want mechanical moving parts if your were using hydrogen though, too much charge build up potential.
quantum_flux, Nov 26 2008

       I'm not sure how hydrogen is handled, but there must be ways to pump it safely. Maybe you just need a sort of crusher-hanger that squishes the blimp, increasing the pressure but decreasing the volume.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 26 2008

       I think it is croygenically cooled and then compressed with a oscillating piston pump with check valves, or at least that's how I'd do it.
quantum_flux, Nov 26 2008

       I think it is croygenically cooled and then compressed with a oscillating piston pump with check valves, or at least that's how I'd do it.
quantum_flux, Nov 26 2008

       It would be easier to burn off the hydrogen and sell generated energy to the grid, then generate your own hydrogen again when you needed it.   

       I think the Hoberman Zeps would be full of helium.   

       I envision an animated movie clip like at the beginning of the Command and Conquer games, with compressed Hobermans being shot into the sky and expanding into blimp form before crusing off to wreak mayhem.
bungston, Nov 26 2008

       I was curious about crusing vs cruising and turned to the OED. I found this:   

       cruise v. Also 7 cruse, 7-9 cruize. [First in 17th c.; corresponding alike to Du. kruisen to cross, also since 17th c. to cruise, to sail crossing to and fro, ‘kruyssen op de Zee, to traverse and cross the seas’ (Hexham, 1678), f. kruis cross, and to Sp. and Pg. cruzar to cross, to cruise, F. croiser to cross, ‘croiser la mer to cruise up and down the Sea’ (Miège 1688). The word is thus ultimately identical with CROISE v. and CROSS v.; the current spelling with ui seems to be after Dutch; but the vowel sound is as in Sp. and Pg.]   

       1. a. intr. To sail to and fro over some part of the sea without making for a particular port or landing-place, on the look out for ships, for the protection of commerce in time of war, for plunder, or (in modern times) for pleasure.   


       As "cruse" is listed as an alternate spelling I conclude that "crusing" in my above anno is correct. I give thanks for the opportunity to edify myself and the gentle Unabubba in the marvels of our shared language.
bungston, Nov 27 2008

       //the gentle Unabubba //
You mean there is another one?
neelandan, Nov 27 2008

       // You mean there is another one? //   

       Oh yes. So far you've only met the Good twin; just wait till the Evil twin shows up ....
8th of 7, Nov 28 2008

       Why not park the zeppelin under water? It could be winched down, eventually compressing to the size of a large dog.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 28 2008


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