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Hobo zombie fun

Employing Hobos as zombies
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Inspired by watching Dawn of the Dead.... Go to where the local hobo population spend long summer evenings drinking cider and fighting invisible demons. Get talking to the guy who looks like he might be the group leader and offer his group a crate of beer and a few bottles of wine if they do a couple of hours work for you. Give them a photograph of a person you want followed and tell them the time he goes for lunch and where his office is. When they see him they are simply to shuffle around after him making moaning zombie noises until he freaks out and runs away. This is particularly impressive he walks through any large shopping malls.
mister_eels, Jul 14 2003


       Likely to get the hobos in question arrested for disorderly conduct, or whatever the local statues call it, so you'll be needing to provide them bail money and come up with a really good excuse for yourself as well. And it won't work at all in that shopping mall, where the security guards are primed to eject panhandlers and winos.
DrCurry, Jul 14 2003

       This is not invention, but a prank.
snarfyguy, Jul 14 2003

       Hobos as cheap labor is just a cheap shot. Make it an acting company that can be rented out and you've got something. Also, may I suggest Public:Evil since that seems to be the intent.
phoenix, Jul 14 2003


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