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Homeless Meal Delivery / Advertising Platform

"Care to donate a dollar in addition to your order for a meal for the homeless?"
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Restaurants have a little delivery scooter that makes several meal runs a day to the homeless part of town delivering meals their customer's have donated by adding a dollar or so to their order.

The restaurant donates the profit from their end, after the employees have been paid, rent, overhead etc but they'd get a tax write-off too.

The scooters would be clearly marked with the restaurant's name so "Doctorremulac3's Bar and Hangry Management Center" gets full virtue signalling credit for feeding the homeless.

doctorremulac3, Mar 21 2019

stuff that gets delivered to the homeless https://www.goodnew...-help-the-homeless/
... from Amazon Prime [po, Mar 24 2019]


Voice, Mar 22 2019

not_morrison_rm, Mar 22 2019

       This could work. Goodwill Stores, here in the US, ask if we want to "round up" when paying for our purchases, to help fund the programs for the developmentally disabled.   

       Your idea is very similar in structure and the only add-on would be getting the actual meal to the homeless and/or hungry.   

       Not all hungry people are homeless. Meals on Wheels which used to do this for the elderly in my town was cut and is no longer available here. Shame on whoever did that. My mother was too afraid to really leave her house near the end and she would have become even frailer than she was.
blissmiss, Mar 22 2019

       I like the idea of adding money for elderly.   

       Maybe even treat companies could offer to drop off a cupcake or something to an elderly person for an extra few cents.   

       Although sugar is probably bad for them.   

       But something like that.
doctorremulac3, Mar 22 2019

       The two extremes points here are either society is engineered for everyone to have a home, no matter what economic, mental physical status or a transient life is an accepted, valid option and society supplies the minimal basics, free of conditions between the homes.   

       This idea supports that transience is good but will itself be transiently socially funded. Needing economic backing like this means this is not really a bedrock ideal governments are willing set in stature.   

       Morally nobody should freeload on society (hard to freeload off nature) but it is on a case by case basis on why it is necessary or how they are getting away with it.
wjt, Mar 22 2019

       I'm not an expert on homelessness so I really couldn't comment on a permanent solution without some research, but this would be a bandaid approach. Would it solve the problem? Not at all, but if I were homeless I'd appreciate a burger and fries every once and a while. Just as I do now.   

       The plot really thickens here where I live. People who work here can't afford to buy a home which averages 2.5 million bucks, so they're living in caravans or campers. Mountain View next door just outlawed that which seems like a really bad idea.   

       Presumably if the people abandon their campers sleep on the street (which ISN'T against the law) they'll be within city rules again.   

       Not a simple problem but not a problem that can be ignored.
doctorremulac3, Mar 22 2019

       Probably comes down to not sharing or not seeing where economic wealth comes from. A person could say they have worked hard for their 2.5 million (hard to verify) so they feel they can use a legal system to remove the inconveniences of the money source.   

       Any law that blocks valid public use sounds a bit suspect.
wjt, Mar 22 2019

       Yea, I'm not crazy about it. I live in the city next door but I'm sure Palo Alto is considering it. Weird to see Stanford surrounded by these things. I used to think it was because there was a football game and people were coming from out of town to watch it (which used to be the reason you'd see hundreds of campers parked all over) but turns out people live in them and then "commute" home on the weekend.   

       Sounds like a reasonable approach to me but the rich folk don't like those poor folk parking on their streets I guess.
doctorremulac3, Mar 22 2019

       I'm kind of an expert on homelessness, having been there twice in my life. I stayed in a shelter in CT before getting sober, and again in California, (Redwood City), when I relapsed. I ate at the shelter and it actually had good food. But I think those that you are looking to serve/help would be more of the type who actually don't go to shelters for whatever their reason may be.   

       That being said, I think, believe, and dream that; "This idea supports that transience is good but will itself be transiently socially funded." would be an excellent way for the world to work. I guess I'm a whole lot of gypsy, and if there were socially funded ways to travel and experience other cultures, transiently, I would be in heaven. I can't think of a better way to live. Dreamer, I'm just a dreamer.   

       So, on the one hand, I'm a semi-pro on the subject, and on the other, I'm not. Still like the idea though.
blissmiss, Mar 23 2019

       <warm feeling in the heart>
wjt, Mar 24 2019

       Wow Blissy, cudos to you for your strength and determination to overcome those issues.   

       I can speak about your dream of traveling having done it for a living in my youth, and most especially the nature of my travels having met, communicated and interacted with the amount of people I did. It's the most important thing I ever did. I learned that there are good people from all cultures. This flies in the face of what we're taught now by industries that make money by dividing us and stirring hate.   

       There are jobs that allow you to travel, have you looked into that? There's some realities to life on the road I'd want to tell you about though. It's not a sightseeing trip. But it can be done. If that's your dream you should look into it. Dreams are the heart and soul of our existence, they need to be nurtured and grown. If you want to travel, you should travel.   

       If you can overcome those demons like you have in your past, you can use that same power to get a little adventure out of life eh?   

       Thank you for sharing your deeply moving personal story. You strike me as a really good person.
doctorremulac3, Mar 24 2019

       Oh heck...now I'm all emotional. Thank you for your kindness. I was a baker during both those stays at shelters, and I have to say I was supported by several of the fine folks here, with encouragement and empathy. Nice folks, we can be.   

       I've stayed at hostels in SF, and some in New England as well. I would probably try to travel that route if I did, and work my way across the ocean. I have been dreaming of it more and more each day as I become increasingly sick of this town and the lack of any culture, really, at all. Just not my favorite place.   

       Your youth sounds fascinating. I wish I would have traveled overseas when I was a youngin. I did manage to hitchhike across this country and then on another adventure, we hitchhiked down thru Mexico to the coast and lived on the beach for 2 months. That was rather bohemian. But we were very young and dumb.   

       To me traveling and seeing other ways of living and being is all that is really key to becoming a well-rounded person.
blissmiss, Mar 26 2019

       // traveling and seeing other ways of living and being is all that is really key to becoming a well-rounded person//   

       Sturton has managed to become a very well-rounded person, mostly by staying put and seeing how other people serve food.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 26 2019

       //Morally nobody should freeload on society//   

       So if it's "necessary" it is still morally wrong?   

       You should think through your definitions.
nomocrow, Mar 28 2019

       This is where I sound like a raving left wing loon:   

       The biggest leaches in society are the moneyed class that use their political dogma and control of politicians to get whole populations in debt that they can never pay off establishing a permanent surf class and a permanent ruling class.   

       Poor people cost me the occasional sandwich, supposedly my share of the national debt is $60,000 and rising. I had no say, I wasn't asked, I wasn't consulted. Indeed the very idea that anybody would listen to the views of the people who are paying for this would be laughed at. Who decided to run up all this debt that me and my fellow citizens have to pay? It's probably racist, sexist or misogynistic of me to even ask.   

       We've got this bastardized version of communism where the middle class is going to be eliminated, but at least with the Marx scam everybody (except the ruling elite) was supposed to be equal. This new attack on the middle class is to enslave everybody and stratify society so the well off don't have to worry about former lower class nouveau riche coming into their country clubs wearing the wrong kind of cummerbund and double dipping the cheese fondue.   

       *steps off of soap box*   

       (sees how much money is made by crooked politicians)   

       *steps back on soap box*   

       That being said, I formally announce my candidacy for political office. Time to send a message to those fat cats in Washington! I'll need lots of support from banks and corporations to get there but I guarantee, the interests of the people who give me money will be foremost in my mind! The free ride is over! It's time for the middle class to pay their fair share!
doctorremulac3, Mar 28 2019

       What do you think of AOC, then?
notexactly, Mar 29 2019

       I like her idea to get rid of airplanes. About time somebody stood up to big air.   

       My platform takes it a step further and will include getting back to basics by knocking off all this walking upright nonsense. Time to legislate walking on all 4s the way nature intended. Not for the leadership class obviously, we have places to go and things to do, but for all those little people who aren't politicians. This will attune us (and by "us" I mean "them") to the environment and remind us (them) that animals are our (their) equals.   

       Walking upright is un-necessary and arrogant. "Walking Upright: Environmental Plight!".
doctorremulac3, Mar 29 2019

       I was tempted to jump on your bandwagon right up until this last post. I do Kundalini Yoga every morning so that I've got the ability to stand erect so I can reach my kitchen cabinets and make myself a cup o' Joe. Then the day really begins.   

       Do not fuck with my coffee. If you do, I'll sick Pence on you. Trump is too busy being an ass. It's Saturday, the official day for Stupid Tweets. By Monday you better be on the right side of the border, or you will be a resident of Mexico for a spell, or so it seems. (He says he's not kidding this time.)
blissmiss, Mar 30 2019

       Hey Blissy,   

       Here's an article on jobs that allow you to travel the world.   

       1. Airline Pilot Average income: $161,280 Average paid time off: 5.3 days   

       2. Geological Engineer Average income: $103,710 Average paid time off: 11.4 days   

       3. Construction Manager Average income: $101,000 Average paid time off: 8.5 days   

       4. Marine Engineer Average income: $96,910 Average paid time off: 17.3 days   

       5. Environmental Engineer Average income: $91,180 Average paid time off: 11.4 days   

       6. Agent (Sports and Performer) Average income: $90,870 Average paid time off: 8.6 days   

       7. Film or Video Producer Average income: $90,770 Average paid time off: 8.6 days   

       8. Architect Average income: $87,500 Average paid time off: 11.4 days   

       9. Ship Engineer Average income: $77,970 Average paid time off: 11.4 days   

       10. Auditor Average income: $77,920 Average paid time off: 17.3 days   

       The ship thing was something I considered when I was a kid between jobs. There are lots of others to look at. Even if it's something to daydream about, nothing wrong with that.
doctorremulac3, Apr 01 2019

       ^ Not really where the wind blows you. Interstellar travel might lessen the crowd and make the heart grow fonder.
wjt, Apr 02 2019

       Should note again, if you travel for a living it might not be a sightseeing tour. I was lucky to get a day off a week, the nature of the job being one where lots of money was made on work days, and if I remember correctly, $1,500 was lost on every day off. Lodging, crew pay etc. Still, on those rare days off I'd always try to go to the science museum in the major city I was in. One time I toured a cold war era submarine as the only visitor there, just me and the tour guide. I think the only thing notable about it was that they suffered one casualty, a sailor who passed out by being overcome by toxic fumes from some kind of solvent he was using to clean something. Not exactly a heroic war story, but still, sad. Always a bummer when somebody loses their life doing their job.   

       Another time in another city (I've told this story before) I was greeted by a guy in a robot costume that said he was a real robot. I said "Oh yea? Then what's 1,456,783,856 divided by .006584?" Poor kid. Just trying to be entertaining but nobody tries to entertain Doctorremulac3 and gets away with it.
doctorremulac3, Apr 02 2019

       Hmm, after a "if it could go wrong, it did go wrong" Japan trip I returned to the UK and ended up on the beach for 3 months...quite some processing time. It was summer and lots of food sources.   

       Most vexing was people who have no mates boring me their life stories, the police came round at 3am just to see if I'm not some arch-criminal and them seagulls waking me up at 5am.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 02 2019

       //"if it could go wrong, it did go wrong" Japan trip//   


       I wasn't there but a truck full of our equipment broke down in the middle of the desert once and a roadie went nuts, (not a very long trip for many roadies) set up a drum set in the middle of the road and started playing while waiting for the tow truck. About the problem of cars coming and running him over? "They could see me."
doctorremulac3, Apr 02 2019


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