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Hold Box

Pay someone to hold your goods!
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Yeah, I know this probably exists to some extent.

A company "Good Hold Inc." or somethin like that, has a room, full of boxes (similar to safe deposit boxes). A customer (drug dealer, etc.) comes to the company with a parcel. The customer gives this parcel to the attendant, and sets a price of 300 dollars on this parcel. The attendant then puts the parcel into a box. The attendant will then collect an account number from the customer.

The buyer then arrives at the company. The buyer tells the attendant which box he wishes to purchase, and the attendant charges the buyer 110% of the price of the box (330$ in this case). The attendant then gives the buyer the contents of the box (a parcel). The attendant will then deposit 300 dollars into the original customer's bank account (Swiss bank account?), and keep 30 dollars holding fee.

If the customer who rented the box wishes to retreive the item early, he must pay the 10% fee for retreival.

This service would most likely attract drug dealers, etc. But, most likely, the cops would need probable cause to search the boxes. Also, they could probably be treated as rental property, so the original renter of the box is held accountable. Which, in our case, could not be found because the only info the service has is a Swiss Bank Account number.


roxsox, Jan 21 2004


       Who, exactly, would be interested in this OTHER than drug dealers? Secret agents?
ConsultingDetective, Jan 30 2004

       The only difference between this and shipping a parcel COD with a hold-for-pickup order is that the "courrier" doesn't actually have to move the parcel anywhere.
BigBrother, Feb 02 2004

       sooo, its like Ebay but next to the laundromat?
Arcanus, Nov 15 2008

FlyingToaster, Nov 15 2008


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