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Donation Anonymizer

Gobetween shields your identity to avoid requests for more.
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I think twice before donating to various organizations because when they find out you are willing to give a once a year donation they figure they can get just a little more out of you if they call just a few times a month.

This service would act as a buffer, shielding your identity from your recipient to avoid awkward calls. To avoid fraud there would have to be some kind of confirmation code that could be checked by the donor.

This idea could easily be done if there were an option to remove your email address from a paypal payment.

macrumpton, Jun 20 2004

Charity Checks http://charity-checks.com/
These let you give anonymously and get the tax deduction. They're meant for giving as presents to people (especially children) who then decide where to donate, but you can use them yourself. [ellens, Jul 19 2006]


       Go to post office. Buy money order. Mail money order to charity (with fake return address).
GenYus, Jun 21 2004

       Or send cash under plain brown cover.
DrCurry, Jun 21 2004

       you didn't see me give you this bun, right?
po, Jun 21 2004

       Mailing that money order with a fake address may be mail fraud - 21 years in jail. Rather use the Donation Anonymizer (bun). Hmm, they could also consolidate all your donations for tax-time...
jetckalz, Jun 21 2004

       I'm moderately certain that some of these charities sell their mailing lists. (My son sent some money to one charity, and he has since been bombarded by a host of others; he's not exactly on a lot of mailing lists, since I've been paying his magazine subscriptions.)
DrCurry, Jun 21 2004

       Being able to donate anonymously to the NRA, the Society for the Separation of School and State, and the Fully Informed Jury Association would be nice.   

       But it would also make it harder to keep track of people who make contributions to Jihadist "charities", the Earth Liberation Front, and NAMBLA.
Guncrazy, Jun 22 2004

       Great idea. An entire industry of Anonymizers. Go-betweens who'll pass along unfortunate news; boxing anonymizers who can deliver a pop-in-the-nose; temp-anonymizers who show up at work instead of yourself; sex anonymizers who'll allow you to read a book and enjoy a cigar rather than have a go at it with your unimaginative spouse; parent anonymizers who show up for the school play while you're out betting the farm at the racetrack.
biff, Jul 19 2006


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