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Hollow Moon

Ready made orbital home.
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Hollow out the moon to make room to live. Put the removed substrate on the surface to make the moon a bit larger and cast more light on the earth. Win win situation.
dare99, Mar 20 2002

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I think not [thumbwax, Mar 21 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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What to do with the rip rap. Okay, shameless self-promotion. [phoenix, Mar 22 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Don't forget to file an Environmental Impact Report
thumbwax, Mar 21 2002

       Hmmm - Minor engineering problems aside, (How do we keep it from collapsing on itself? What would doing this do to earth's tides?) you might want to make a hole to the core, facing the sun, and install mirrors on the area across from the hole where sunlight strikes - so you don't have to try and run power/light down to the people inside, who would probably freeze to death otherwise. I wonder what the gravity inside there would be like? Would it have any gravity at all?
Orb2069, Mar 21 2002

       Stopping it from collapsing during the hollowing out may be a problem. As for the earths tides, it should have little to no impact as the moon would have the same mass and the same centre of gravity, it will just be larger and less dense viewed from the outside.
dare99, Mar 21 2002

       VLSLA could handily prevent the collapse.
bristolz, Mar 21 2002

       This would work I reckon. As long as you made sure you had enough mice to eat all that cheese and steered clear of the Soup Dragon.
brewmaster, Mar 21 2002

       <pedant>Should be in "Other: Lunaforming", surely?</pedant>
hippo, Mar 21 2002

       I keep telling you, leave the moon alone. experiment on some other celestial body. the moon belongs to lovers and us mad people.
po, Mar 21 2002

       Lovers ARE mad.
neelandan, Mar 21 2002

       but mad people are not necessarily lovers
po, Mar 21 2002

       mad people make good lovers (only for a while) all that 'wild abandon' stuff is great.
sappho, Mar 21 2002

       Mad?.... Nah.....Just off center.
MadStork, Mar 21 2002

       According to some people who believe the earth is hollow (complete with mini sun & eco system), It must be also true that all celestial objects must be hollow as well. The Moon is already occupied with a UFO base.
the great unknown, Oct 23 2003

       Ready made Starship maybe - I'm sure Arthur C Clarke had the idea of hollowing out an Asteroid and using this as a vast "Generation Ship". Could become useful as a sort of "lifeboat" if we need to decamp from Terra in a bit of a hurry (Global warming / Asteroid impact / Dalek Security Guard rebellion or something similar!!)
Parrotile, Dec 22 2009

       //mad people make good lovers (only for a while) all that 'wild abandon' stuff is great//
But the bunny-boiling phase is a bit of a downer.
coprocephalous, Dec 22 2009


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