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Use asteroid and other material to build a shell around Jupiter
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This shell would be engineered to exist at a distance from Jupiter so that the gravity generated from the mass of the shell combined with Jupiter's gravity would yield ~1g. If the sphere were completed, it would yield one huge world with the familiar 1g gravity to which we are accustomed. Then, to provide energy and a return on the initial cost, gasses could be mined from Jupiter's atmosphere, possibly by extending pipes down from the shell.
liquidroad, Sep 18 2003


       Did you do the math for the strength of the material? I didn't do the calculation, but it looks to me like this is a scheme smilar to the rotating rings (Larry Niven etc.) that require incredible strength.
kbecker, Sep 18 2003

       Who would have the motivation to JupiterShell out all the money needed to create this thing? Anyone? Anyone?
Needa Moeba, Sep 18 2003

       I agree, Needa; the cost would be Astronomical.
WordUp, Feb 22 2004

       It has an advantage over ringworlds etc. in that it wouldn't need to be rotating.
RobertKidney, Feb 22 2004

       I have a better idea. You still get a shrimp though!
0_owaffleo_0, Feb 22 2004


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