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Hologram Room

Equip walls with laser sensors fed to a processor
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Shoot tiny laser beam sensors from walls of room to know exact postion and movement of real person. Have this information fed to a processor whereby processor can send holographic images to interact virtually with person.

Likewise, other real person/s could be set-up in similar room/s at a remote location/s to interact virtually with others, etc...

painperdu, Feb 11 2002


       An honest first try. Sorry I didn't like it.
phoenix, Feb 11 2002

       Hmm, so where did you get this idea - Rimmer in Red Dwarf or the doctor in one of those Star Trek shows? Still, as phoenix says first try and all that.
mcscotland, Feb 11 2002

       This is my 1st post, so pls be gentle. The laser idea is pretty good, but if anything gets in the way of the beams (like a pet) it messes the whole system up. Pressure plates would be more effective. Holograms are still not really realistic, so why not have walls composed of 3 layers of LCD panelling. The 3 layers display the same scene, but each deals with a different layer. Foreground, midground, background. The image layers sort of slide past each other should allow for showing the parrallax(right word?) shift effect, like in a good cartoon only better. It would also allow for better depth perception. If you were really good @ manipulating the layers, you could also have much more realistic effects like translucency, etc.
FratBoySkull, Feb 11 2002

       The thing with light, is that it will keep on travelling on, unless something stop it. Therefor, a holographic person can not be made, unless you plan on letting the air molecules stop the light, but that would be stupid.
[ sctld ], Feb 11 2002


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