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How do I look on Skype?

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Skype is great. I mean, we were promised videophones back when I was a kid and all the heroes were wearing tin- foil suits. Now it's here and it's free.

Skype, of course, shows a small video of yourself, so you can see what the other person is seeing. Howevertheless, it's not a true reflection of what they are seeing, because bandwidth limitations generally make the transmitted image blockier and fuzzier. If bandwidth is low, the video may freeze, and you will never know it.

So, what I would like is the option to have the "self" video window be more similar to what the other person is actually seeing. It must be possible for the two computers to exchange not just video and voice, but also data on the bandwidth and the consequent degradation of video quality.

MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2016


       One would think with the high number of dual-monitor setups that people have now that this would be a standard option.   


shapu, Mar 13 2016

       //Maths is always plural// <tsk> " math's " shirley. Or " math' ".
FlyingToaster, Mar 13 2016

       Do any American students study mathematic? Are there any American professors of mathematic? You see, English (as ever) is correct; American is just a convenient spray-on version.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2016

       <tsk> the apostrophe was my slightly curved point.   

       Even if it wasn't, the 's' isn't a pluralization.
FlyingToaster, Mar 13 2016


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