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Holy Grail hold music

Provides truthful handling of incoming calls
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Intermission music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail as on-hold music with ocassional message: "You're call is important to us..."

Recommended for IT departments.

obscuresttourist, Dec 01 2008


       Not really a unique invention but preferable to many current 'On Hold' offerings.
gnomethang, Dec 01 2008

       I was surprised to call Virgin Media last week and be presented with the following menu:   

       "I'm sorry, but all our representatives are busy at the moment. Please choose from the following selection of hold music. Press 1 for rock. Press 2 for pop. Press 3 for urban. Press 4 for dance. Press 5 for classical."   

       No kidding. I wondered straight away if this had been suggested here.
wagster, Dec 01 2008

       Talking of companies changing things based on overwhelming consumer feedback, has anyone else noticed that the "Cillit Bang" man (aka Barry Scott aka Neil Burgess) has stopped shouting? It's quite sad really - I almost feel sorry for the poor fella - someone should tell him that it's ok, we don't mind if he shouts a little bit every now and then - to be honest, it was actually quite entertaining - personally I'd quite like it if he went back to shouting. (Sorry that was a bit off topic, but I had to tell someone about it)
zen_tom, Dec 01 2008

       How about a Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch-themed speaking clock? "Three strokes shall be counted, and on the third stroke, not the second, neither shall it be the fourth, the time, sposored by Accurist shall be neither more nor less than..."

I'll get me anorak.
coprocephalous, Dec 01 2008

       <at the anorak rack>   

       I was thinking "While you wait for the next operator, you can help us by answering some questions... WHAT is your name?... WHAT is your quest? [etc.]"   

pertinax, Dec 01 2008


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