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Home office-mobile

Taking GM's 'Autonomy' concept a step further
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While reading PopSci's article on GM's 'Autonomy' concept fuel cell car platform and how it will supposedly change the world of the automobile, an idea popped into my head. We currently house our cars in garages, which seems to me to be an incredible waste of building materials and money just to shelter our rides from the weather and provide some storage space. Furthermore, how many times while riding do you find yourself shorthanded for office stuff, you think of a good idea and want to write it down, but can't find a decent writing surface in the car, can't find a pen, etc. And it seems that no matter what you bring, you never have exactly what you need with you.
Furthermore, how redundant is maintaining a home office and a corporate desk as well? Before you get carried away with the driver distraction argument, this would only be developed once vehicle autopilot becomes a reality.
I propose we change the whole scheme of home office / car / corporate office, using the increased design flexibility that non combustion vehicles will eventually give.
What is needed is a central control station on wheels that's dockable with the home or office. Drive your home office to work for meetings, drive back. Plug the entire car body into the port and it becomes the command center at home, essentially another room. Instead of having your car take up a room of your house, it adds one and becomes a part of the house. Do this with the upper body shell, and snap the Autonomy chassis onto another vehicle body style to keep the office version at home yet provide transportation.
RayfordSteele, Apr 17 2002


       I was hoping for a wind-up, sparkly, twirly, musical thingy to hang above my desk and stare at when the challenges of my current project and/or client are getting the better of me.
half, Apr 17 2002

       Doubles as a back-up power source in case power goes out in the neighborhood...
...out-of-town visitors can stay at their house while staying at your house...
phoenix, Apr 17 2002

       [hc], I think I like that. A mobile that has displays all of the essentials and gadgetry of the office; hang it over the crib and teach 'em early.   

       I'm curious: if we were raised (brainwashed) to see office-work nonsense as fun when we were children, would we actually enjoy doing it? Instead of playing 'doctor,' kids could play 'accountant' or 'tax attorney.' Would that destabilize our entire civilization? Good god, the very thought of it is frightening.
RayfordSteele, Apr 17 2002

       RayfordSteele: in my opinion, no. Some things are just inherently boring to most people, no matter how much attempted brainwashing you've sat through.
Jeremi, Apr 17 2002

       After intensive research, we recently came up with the "Manual Palm Pilot," with its "digital operating system."   

       Currently available in office supply stores, it's in the stationary aisle near the day-planners- it's called a "spiral memo pad;" a couple of aisles over is the digital OS, look for a "pencil."
whlanteigne, Nov 03 2004

       For a cheap version you could buy a pickup truck and convert a slide in camper into your home office/command center and take it off of your truck when you don't need it. Plus you could have a little bathroom and kitchen.
BPhilpotts, Feb 09 2005

       Good for tax purposes too - in the U.S., you can deduct a home office if it is physically separate from your house, but it is somewhat more difficult if you just work from home.
+mw+, Jun 28 2006


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