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In-built Upgrade Design

For those who like surprises
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Basically just a car that gives you an upgrade after you do certain things, (eg, if you travel at 60 miles per hour playing radio 1, you get an extra radio channel, or if you carry the maximum amount of people in your car, you get the in-car TV). Of course, if you don't like surprises, you can just get it with everything.

And you can take away special features if you don't like them, but not the important stuff (if you are a careful, good driver) like brakes, steering wheels, etc.

froglet, Feb 21 2005

'Easter Eggs' for cars _27Easter_20Eggs_27_20for_20cars
Redundant? [hippo, Feb 22 2005]


       "Installs on first use."
bristolz, Feb 21 2005

       Of course [bris].
froglet, Feb 21 2005

       Can it take away features too, if you engage in road rage?
krelnik, Feb 22 2005

       I forsee a lot of warranty claims asking, 'why wasn't this working when I bought the car?'
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2005

       No, I don't mean it doesn't come with brakes until you come rushing at 80 miles per hour down a steep hill, I mean that if you do some things, you can get nice little extras, like extra radio channels, or a car TV, or maybe things like vouchers for Starbucks, or whatever the car company is in partnership with.
froglet, Feb 22 2005

       A bomb that goes off if you drop below 50mph?
david_scothern, Feb 22 2005

       <manic grin on face> I don't see why not </manic grin on face>
froglet, Feb 22 2005

       Instead of mileage, you get experience points? Cool..I can now get that +3 Bow & Arrow to shoot at some annoying drivers.
MrDaliLlama, Feb 22 2005

       Or like frequent flyer points, and isn't there some dumb law some where it is illegal to shoot at rabbits from your vehicle on a road??
froglet, Feb 23 2005

       Well, I think it's dumb because somebody actually did it for that law to be passed. Kinda like that law somewhere in American where it's illegal to tie a giraffe to a lampost, what's so funny about it is that it must have happened at some point...
froglet, Feb 23 2005

       Does that mean that it is legal to shoot at non-rabbit animals from your vehicle on a road? Or shoot at rabbits from your vehicle on the pavement*?   

Loris, Feb 25 2005

       Well, obviously, if the rabbit or giraffe is tied to a lampost, that wouldn't be very sporting to shoot it.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 25 2005

       Anyway [Loris], I thought it was that in most countries worldwide that it's pretty much illegal to shoot at anything or anyone from the sidewalk/pavement.   

       Except in some part of Mexico, where it's legal to shoot down someone walking down your driveway if they don't have your permission.   

       'Trespassers will be shot; survivors will be shot again' - Grand Theft Auto
froglet, Feb 25 2005

       i dont see a problem with shooting at the giraffe as long as the driver is making an effort to disconnect it from the lamp post, even if there ARE rabbits in the car with you.   

       you would have to limit the calibur of the gun though.
auricom_mech, Aug 04 2006


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