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Home plant cover

Useful extended growing area
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An idea modeled on existing services which provide plants to businesses slightly modified.

The following hopefully provides some originality for this idea.

This business would offer the service of making a customized recyclable cargo type plastic netting, measured and made specifically to hang fully along the outside wall of a home, or draped entirely over the home, with each section of netting or the full piece designed as to allow the doors and windows not to be covered.

With an initial installation of under eave anchors in the case of only using the walls, and measurements taken as to the exact locations of windows, entry/exits, the measurements are fed into a computer controlled production machine to produce a customized wall covering.

Given your location and the orientation of your home, plant recommendations are also made for you, e.g. shade/sun loving plants, possibly broke down even more by colors as an example, or usefullness.

The business might also provide the plants given enough lee time and hang them for you.

This could allow you to have the south facing wall completely covered in strawberry plants, the west long afternoon sun receiving side to be covered with hanging flats of dill, chive and rosemary for cooking, or orchid for spectacular color, etc for shaded walls, specific plants. Themes could also be used to make a full wall covered with violets to obtain a wall of blue, or other plants interspersed to create colorful stripes.

Once the service is no longer wanted, the netting can be rclaimed to be ground up and melted to be refed into the machine to make the next customers customized netting. Soil and plant detritus would also be reclaimed and recycled. A whole home or business could be covered, another benefit could be cooling cost savings in hot locations.

Pretty up the world a bit and scrub that co2 from the atmosphere!

nth, Dec 17 2006


       I think you'll need to include hanging pots, and a watering system into the netting design, unless you plan on exporting english weather to other parts of the world. I'll certainly buy the rain... in the summer time anyway...
ye_river_xiv, Dec 17 2006

       Pots would not be required if you used hydroponics or aeroponics.   

       I favour a continuous, controlled mist of nutrient solution onto the roots.
webfishrune, Dec 19 2006


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