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landfill long-term storage

Store things in a landfill for future generations
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I suspect that most other halfbakerianites are like me -- an unrecognized and severely underpaid genius. Due to the limitations of life in a small-minded and cruel world, I frequently run out of space for my half-finished projects and half-filled notebooks. Often times, to clear my mind, I will throw things wholesale into the trash.

As I was wrapping up a bundle of trash in a plastic grocery store bag, I remembered an article somewhere saying how these things don't break down for like 1000 years. I thought of some future archaeologists unearthing my embarassing personal items and discovering something that would identify me directly. Yikes!

Then I thought of all my works of genius that are now lying in wait in landfills for future generations to discover. Surely, as I begin to recieve recognition only shortly after my death, people will actively search out my long lost discarded works in trash areas near the places I lived.

So now, if there's anything I want to make sure lasts into posterity, I wrap it tightly in two plastic bags and send it off into the land fill, my free, personal, long term storage area.

If I wanted to be clever about it, I would put in some radioactive element, or some other marker, to help people digging around find my stuff.

lawpoop, Jun 11 2005

Tough bags required http://www.pca.stat...photos/landfill.jpg
[half, Jun 12 2005]


       But if you decide that you want to remove any of these objects from 'storage' yourself, then you may have a messy job on your hands.
hidden truths, Jun 11 2005

       [truths] Yes, you would have a problem if you tried to retrieve your work. This is a long-term storage solution, not a short term one.
lawpoop, Jun 11 2005

       Yes but whenever I've decided I want to put something somewhere safe and out of the way is usually about 5 minutes before I realise that I need it.
hidden truths, Jun 11 2005

       The US department of Historical Trash Catalogging and Ecological Reclamation (established 2009) will employ an army of self-replicating robots to recognize plastic- encased-bundles, genetically trace them, scan and digitize information from the contents and present the results to historians who can make the more esoteric connections. Digital recreations will become like historical reality-TV.   

       (the sperm-pumpkin is the only thing I'll have trouble owning up to.)
JesusHChrist, Jun 11 2005

       This has been going on in Staten Island and New Jersey for many years. The good folks of La Cosa Nostra take advantage of these handy public landfill facilities to "store" people; no doubt in the hope that future generations will have an opportunity to unearth them and learn from the quaint methods of their forebears.
crater, Jun 12 2005

       Seems like a pretty slim chance that those bags will be intact after being assaulted by the compactor in the garbage truck, and the earth movers and compactors in the landfill.
half, Jun 12 2005


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