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Home run scores two points; runners stay on base

Encourage interestingness and strategy
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Baseball offense contains two types of game play: the base-running game (base hits, stealing; advancing runners; bunting; baserunning strategy) and the home run game (power hitters hitting home runs to score big points).

I find the game much more interesting when runners are on base.

Home runs are popular, but unfortunately, as soon as they're done, the game is back to its most boring state again, "bases empty".

In order to improve the interestingness and strategy of baseball, I propose that home runs, whether the bases are empty or loaded, all be worth exactly 2 points but NOT advance the baserunners. (If the baserunners ran in advance, they return to the bases before the next play.) This allows both types of game play to occur simultaneously.

More than 2 runs can still be scored on a play, but it will now have to be a well-hit double or well-placed triple (or inside-the-park home run), rather than just a power hitter smacking a random errant pitch by the opposing pitcher. This will test "home run hitters'" ability and strategy when the bases are loaded.

Close games will be tenser, too. A team that's 2 runs behind, with 2 outs, in the bottom of the ninth now has a chance to get a HR and tie the game, instead of having to get a man on base first and then get a HR.

Thank you.

phundug, Jun 27 2008


nomocrow, Jun 27 2008

tatterdemalion, Jun 28 2008

sninctown, Jun 28 2008


AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 28 2008


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