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Baseball with limited amount of fruit
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It's the bottom of the 6th inning, the bases are loaded, one out, and the pitcher still has four Fruticards left. Should he use one now to abolish the threat of a freak hit from the Padre's wall-eyed pitcher, now at bat? Or should he save his cards for the final innings, but risk their annulment when the Padre's wiley manager whips out one his three remaining Cancel Fruticard tokens? The baseball feels firm and sure in his grip, but the orange, too, beckons, and even the fickle strawberry. Then he remembers his last words to the fair Irene, "I'm sorry, my sweet, but I can't elope! I have a game tonight!" And so he decides. He waves his Fruticard at the umpire and reaches for the sweet, sweet cantaloupe....

PS. This idea already mentioned in Fruit Put, but I thought it could use some development.

luxlucet, Jun 19 2006




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