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Home water pumps

Save energy and water.
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Most utilities provide householders with potable water at a minimum pressure of 1 Bar (10 metres head).

This permits water-using devices to be positioned on upper stories of domestic premises.

Why ?


What if the delivery pressure were only 0.2 Bar ? Water mains could be less strongly constructed, and there would be less leakage as the stress on seals and joints would be that much lower,

How does the water get to the upper floors of houses ?

Answer: renewable energy.

Water enters the property from the mains into a covered holding cistern regulated by a conventional ballcock.

Renewable energy (solar, wind, exercise bicycle, hamster wheel, Stirling cycle engine) then pumps water up to a header tank at the top of the building, where it is then distributed by conventional pipework to the remainder of the property.

The choice of energy source is the householder's, augmented by an electrical pump at times of high demand when renewable energy is insufficient but with a large enough roof tank to act as an accumulator, not much boosting would be needed..

8th of 7, Nov 07 2009


       What happens if you don't live in East Anglia?   

       Unless the place you live is really, really flat, you are likely to be several tens of feet higher or lower than the water company. This means a pressure of a bar or more at some point in the network at least.   

       Also, water systems are kept at positive pressure to ensure that stuff leaks *out* (which is bad) instead of *in* (which is worse).
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 07 2009

       I prefer that my shower spray nicely. I'm also concerned about the environmental impact of mass-producing a bunch of pumps that use renewable energy.
sninctown, Nov 07 2009

       // What happens if you don't live in East Anglia? //   

       Well, firstly, you wake up every morning, get down on your knees, and thank whatever Deity you may subscribe to that you don't live in East Anglia ........
8th of 7, Nov 08 2009

       There also needs to be sufficient pressure to get through the double check valves that stop backwards flow.
mitxela, Nov 11 2009


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