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High pressure moveable washbasin

A useful feature
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Some bedrooms have a washbowl provided; this is common in some hotels, and even private dwellings.

However, such installations limit changes to the room layout.

The new BorgCo system gets round this problem.

The key feature is an innovative socket plate on the wall. This has two small-bore self-sealing pipe connections of 8mm internal diameter, and a high capacity electrical supply. After initial testing, and having surreptitiosly disposed of the victims, a transformer-isolated 55V 4-phase supply has been adopted to achieve an acceptable compromise between performance and lethality.

The basin has a monobloc faucet and - enclosed in the base- an 8kW inline heater, a 10l waste reservoir tank, and a high pressure centrifugal* pump.

In the mains water supply is another such pump with a demand-triggered pressure switch.

When the faucet is opened by the user, the pressure in the line drops and the remote feed pump activates. This delivers an adequate flow of water through the small bore piping. The water temperature is controlled not by mixing, but by sensing the faucet handle position and modulating the power to the heater.

When the plug is pulled, the basin empties into the waste reservoir from which it is pumped- again, under high pressure - to waste, after which an automatic rinse-and-flush cycle ensures the reservoir is cleaned of soap residues etc. The waste pump is equipped with macerator blades to resist clogging.

The whole unit is on retractable castors and can be quickly and easily relocated; flexible cable/pipe extension sections mean the position of the basin within the room can be easily changed.

* Yes, we know. It's just that "centrifugal pump" is a common and well-understood term. You can call it a turbine pump, if it makes you feel any happier.

8th of 7, Dec 15 2019



       // You can call it a turbine pump, if it makes you feel any happier. //   

       It makes me feel less happy, because a turbine is the inverse of a pump, and centrifugal force is completely real in the appropriate reference frame.
notexactly, Dec 21 2019

       Could the rest of the room not be connected to the system to move them around too using water pressure?
xenzag, Dec 21 2019

       Of course.   

       // It makes me feel less happy //   

       <Ticks off item from today's 'to-do' list/>
8th of 7, Dec 21 2019


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