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Home window washers

Washes the windows in your home inside and out with the touch of a button.
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Why not invent window wipers for the house? They would work similar to the ones on your car except for when they are not in use, they are hidden from view.
jediprincess_3, Dec 13 2002


       WTC used to have a window washing robot that used to whiffle by periodically, freaking you out when you went for a visit. Maybe you could adapt the design.
Nick@Nite, Dec 13 2002

       This would be great for people who live in high rises and lazy people.
goober, Dec 13 2002

       The soothing splip-splup, splip-splup would make it easy to go to sleep, too. +
phundug, Jul 23 2003

       Don't you people have window cleaners?
squeak, Jul 23 2003

       That's a great idea! Clean windows are a must and it would be convienent if you live in an apartment building or a high rise. Who would want to be remembered as the person who leaned a little too far out of the window?
darkknight_152002, Jul 23 2003


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