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infinite opens

robotically armed window frame
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A computer controlled arm that holds a window frame (paned of course) so that the plane of the pane can be chosen at will . The angle can then open on any edge , top , down, left and right . The arm could even hold the frame out flat as a table or lean-to cover for outside .

The household weather station could be tied in to control internal enviroment .

Maybe the arm could change frames like tools on a CNC machine . [ tinted , mosquito net , stained religous icons , solar pannel ]

knowledge lacking - strength and engineered joints , motors of robotic arm . Assume computers up to it .

wjt, Jan 24 2008


       Rather nice. Expensive, but bakeable. [+]   

       (Title could be a bit more descriptive)
8th of 7, Jan 24 2008

       I can see why 8th likes it, but it's not clear to me what the actual point is.   

       But you could do this most easily with a spindle supporting the center of the window. Then it could angle or swivel the pane in any direction. And if the spindle moved in and out, it could achieve the rest of your requirements.
DrCurry, Jan 24 2008

       Infinitely adjustable field of fire, with mirror glass to help conceal location.
8th of 7, Jan 24 2008

       Sort of a gimbaled window frame?
phoenix, Jan 24 2008

       Manual versions of this are quite moistly baked. There are windows that can be opened door-like, tilted outwards, and generally reoriented. They always unnerve me because I'm afraid I'll try the wrong combination of pitch/roll/yaw and make the whole thing fall out in an unforeseen way. No reason why they couldn't be computerized, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 24 2008

       My "window frame thingie" just opens outwards and upwards and becomes a transparent rain-canopy.
FlyingToaster, Jan 25 2008

       Wouldn't a centered spindal mechanism loose the window's clear flat pane function ?   

       Combinational windows have multiple frames (with gimbals) which would make motorising the frames heavy and would not allow a variable height , perpendicular position .   

       Any house with programable robotic arms on the outside, just of above each window, would have to be ready for the future , no/yes ? Also infinite opens would be good for the coming of the oversized genetically engineered flies .
wjt, Jan 27 2008


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