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Homeless Addresses

To avoid the getting a job Catch 22!
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The old arguement for homeless people not working is that they need an address to apply for jobs. But, they need a job to get an address. A classic Catch 22, right!?

Well, this would simply break that cycle. Rather than provide the homeless with costly accommodation and all the problems that brings (drugs, crime etc.), why not simply provide them with a mail box? This would cost very little.

Homeless jobseekers would be able to give an address when applying for a job without having to admit they are homeless (which would put many employers off). Many jobs cannot even be applied for without an address.

The homeless themselves could set their own boxes up if this scheme was not pursued by the local authority. All they need to do is aquire a small box or other container suitable for use as a makeshift mailbox. They then need to find a back street somewhere (perhaps near their skip/ abandoned car), and wedge the box somewhere visiable to the postman. Then, they just write/paint a new address by the box, and give out this new address to potential employers. For example, if they wedged the box in a gap in the wall next to 25 Old Bath Road, they would create the address 25a Old Bath Road.

ferret, May 09 2002

an oldie but a goodie http://www.halfbake.../Goodwill_20Address
half-baked sorry [po, May 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Here you go http://news.bbc.co....d_981000/981610.stm
Its in Bristol [mcscotland, May 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


po, May 09 2002

       This is also baked. There is a council somewhere in England (I forget which one, but I'll see if I can find a ref) which has given postcodes to some park benches. In this way homeless people can use these postcodes when applying for NHS care, jobs, social security etc.
mcscotland, May 09 2002

       It's Catch-22. Catch. Not cache.
Doc Daneeka: "There's a cache."
Yossarian: "What? Like a weapons cache?"
Doc Daneeka: "No, Cache-22."
Yosarrian: "You're crazy."
calum, May 09 2002

       3rd time around for this idea since I've been here. It's the thought that counts. Cache title, too
thumbwax, May 09 2002

       Thought it was Catch but thought that sounded too easy for such a silly expression. Couldn't be bothered to look it up.   

       I think only half baked this one, as other ideas have required authorities to get involved. This one offers a DIY solution for the homeless. Just a shame they dont have computers so cant read it.
ferret, May 09 2002

       Baked. You can set up a PO Box quite easily.
[ sctld ], May 09 2002

       Yes, but you have to pay for it! Homeless people have no money!
ferret, May 21 2002

       What's wrong with PO Boxes?
gb2000, Jun 03 2002

       You'd have to ask [po] and, well, it might not be a polite question.
bristolz, Jun 03 2002

       >accommodation and all the problems that brings   

       >(drugs, crime etc.),   

       What exactly is the referent of 'that?'
LoriZ, Oct 21 2005

       In the U.S. we have "general delivery," though I assume that it's a source of some stigma on, say, a résumé.
frankus, Oct 21 2005

       "What's wrong with PO Boxes"   

       PO boxes are like shouting, "I'm a criminal or homeless!" on your resume. You don't want that.
Voice, Apr 04 2008


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