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Bus Change Business for Homeless People

Instead of begging for change, they give it.
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In places where exact change is needed for bus fare (if such places exist anymore...I drive a car in a small town), a homeless person could sit at a bus stop with a bowl of change. Bus riders lacking the proper coinage could exchange their paper money for the proper fare, with the understanding that the addressless entrepreneur would keep a small cut for himself. You could even tip him, if he provides good service by being courteous, not giving you dirty/sticky coins of dubious provenance, and exhibiting rudimentary grooming skills.

People might be more inclined to give him money, as they perceive he is providing a service, and he might find a slightly increased sense of dignity for doing so.

Guncrazy, Jan 22 2002


       er, in the name of helping people to help themselves..... here's a croissant. But don`t sniff the changer. Better still, campain for better starting floats on buses or a quicker credit card system.
andrewuk, Jan 22 2002

       All that idle time in between the buses--and such a pretty pile of money right here in this bowl, right now...
entremanure, Jan 23 2002

       The vagaries (and vagrants) of life in the big city are against you on this idea, guncrazy.
jurist, Jan 23 2002


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