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homeless people

generate power
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The U.S> is suffering an energy crisis, and at the same time we are also suffering from unemployment. So I suggest building a powerplant where homless people can generatte electricity. The same as windmills except have manpower spinning the wheels. Then all those loser homless people can be used for something. They can be payed minimum wage, and they will be getting exercise at the same time. Why not?
wood2coal, Sep 25 2001


       generatte? payed?
po, Sep 25 2001

       I'm SO sorry wood2coal - did you want a job?
po, Sep 25 2001

       Ha ha wood2coal, top parody.
pottedstu, Sep 25 2001

       All right, I'll take the bait. Why do you consider homeless people losers? What if you lived from paycheck to paycheck at a crap job with no safety net and you lost your job? Suppose you couldn't pay your bills, lost your apartment and had no family to which to turn. Imagine you had severe psychiatric problems and, due to a budget cut, were released from a treatment center without being able to take care of yourself?   

       You should have sympathy for those less fortunate than yourself.
snarfyguy, Sep 25 2001

       at least not using them for fuel
technobadger, Sep 26 2001

       I scanned the idea briefly and twice saw the word 'coal', in PeterSealy's annotation and your name, wood2coal. I must say, <nervously wiping brow>, I thought you were going to suggest burning the 'homless' for a second there... You get the bones because it is not clear wether you were being sarcastic or not.
sdm, Sep 26 2001

       It seems I was not specific enough, I am always in a hurry. I was not suggesting forcing people to run on a treadmill. Wether they work or not will be their choice. And I was certianly not suggesting burning people. Or replacing any of our current power generating methodes simply adding another option to the system. I will add coal and fosil fule are actually the best sorces of energy, I also believe the problem of CO2 being realesed into the atmosphere can be easily solved if a fully funded reaserch program is launched and everyone is willing to cooperate. And also I was not suggesting limiting this to homeless people either but to all people who are having a hard time trying to manage life, or just anyone that wants to make some easy money. The plant would not be to elaberate it would actually be very simple, simply a wheel parellel to the surface with handles on all sides people would simply have to hold one of the handles and walk at roughly 2.5 to 3mph, an advanced gear or pully sytem will convert that to 500rpm, and there you go free energy. And as I said the people will be payed for their services. This was once reaserched in the 50's by using horses, but the cost of feeding and maintaining the horses, and the amount of waste the horses produced outwieghed the benifits of the amount of energy they produced. There are ofcourse many costs and benifits involved, I did not bother to do the math on that, forgive me.   

       It seem many of you are very sensitive. Your comments suggest you are unsure of yourselves, and you feel that you are pathetic homeless losers. All you need to do is work hard and pray, remember I'm pulling for ya.
wood2coal, Sep 28 2001

       Sniff. It's true, I'm a loser! Double LL loser, thanks for pointing it out with such compassionate tenderness, wood2coal. Group hug! (((8-Z))) Oooh, I feel better now.   

       The Punster wishes to suggest Humless People, ie people who *never* hum annoying choons under their breath whilst in elevators or other tight spots.
Dog Ed, Sep 28 2001

       wood2coal, //remember I'm pulling// ... OK then.
sdm, Sep 28 2001

       a) Get a spell checker. b) Get lost.
snarfyguy, Sep 28 2001

       Of course there is not an energy shortage, but our powerplants are not generating enough. Solar power plants at the moment are very expensive to operate and maintain. I think the main reason is beacuse the plants are using to much technology to do simple things. Such as tilting all those panels so they are always facing the sun, that can be done manually at a cheaper price than having all those computer sensors doing it. I simply feel the greatest power supply is man power and we are not using it. As I said before I am not thinking of replacing anything just adding a new option. I think Man power should be used more, and would provide great advantages in many fields of work.
wood2coal, Sep 28 2001

       Your presentation of the idea leaves something to be desired, but aside from that, I'm all for it.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 08 2008

       //All you need to do is work hard and pray, remember I'm pulling for ya//   

       Please apply to self, especially in the spelling, grammar and not-being-a-moron category.   

       [Snarfy], something tells me most homeless people would feel more fortunate than him.
MikeD, Dec 09 2008


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