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Horology Clock

Clocks through time
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A clock that consists of a 30"x30" wall mounted LCD screen that morphs the clock face into different clock faces through history. The clock faces change in regular intervals during the day in chronological order of the clock's invention. The later in the day, the more recent the clock face. There could also be chimes that correspond to each moment of horological history. A wrist version could follow. The order could also be reversed so that the clocks get older as the day passes. "Oh my, will you look at how old the clock is getting, we better get going."
wombat, Nov 28 2003

reminds me of... http://www.halfbake...Photomosaic_20Clock
another morphing clock idea [RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       So at twelve thirty a.m. it's an hourglass and at twelve fourty it's a sundial?   

       (+) ... and here I thought Horology was the study of prostitutes.
Cedar Park, Nov 28 2003

       After Dark provided a morphing clock face as one of its screen savers, making this really rather Baked. (Of course, you have to buy the giant LCD screen separately.)
DrCurry, Nov 28 2003

       If you want to research that at all, [Cedar Prak] I have a few numbers you could call ...   

       Oh, look at the time ... if its a sundial, I'm late for lunch, and if its an LCD clock, I'm late for dinner ... [+]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 28 2003


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