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Hot-or-Not Coffee cup.

Heat indicator strip for takeaway coffee cups.
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Takeaway coffee cups sometimes have a warning on the side "Caution: Contents hot". But it continues to say that, even after your coffee has been cooling for an hour.

Why not paint a warning on the side of the cup in thermochromatic ink so that it only appears when the cup is ACTUALLY hot?

EDIT: As someone else noted, googling "Hot or Not" may bring up some NSFW matches. Note: This is similar to the Coffee Cup of Shame, but I think that was intended to be more of a time-based thing.

There are also ceramic mugs like this, but I don't think anyone's suggested a strip on a disposable paper cup before.

Irrevenant, Aug 13 2008

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       Baked, at least, by pizza delivery companies. See links
4whom, Aug 13 2008


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