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Hydraulic Filter Water Pitcher

Poor water without delay
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Filtered water pitchers have a major drawback -- it is difficult to fill them up in one setting, as the water tends to drip slowly through the filter and the upper, typically smaller chamber fills quickly.

Turning on a very slight water drip on the faucet such that the upper chamber does not fill up too quickly, and then standing there, is not very exciting. Conversely, just letting the water flow freely and overflow would eventually work to fill the pitcher, but appears quite wasteful.

Introducing the lifting filter water pitcher. In this pitcher, the filter initially rests at the bottom of the chamber, thus allowing one to fill up the pitcher quite nicely.

When the pitcher is full and the lid closed, an external (optionally powered) mechanism drives the filter, which is flush to the pitcher walls, up said walls, substituting mechanical labor for pure gravity in driving the water past the filter.

theircompetitor, May 29 2018


       So, a sort of upside-down cafetière ?
8th of 7, May 29 2018

       that might work
theircompetitor, May 29 2018

       Couldn't you just attach the filter to something buoyant?
pertinax, May 29 2018

       I had a filtered pitcher which was 50-50. The upper half was unfiltered, the lower half filtered. The pour spout led to the lower chamber, the upper had a sealed lid. Each side maybe held a half-liter.
RayfordSteele, May 30 2018

       Isn't the purpose of the filter to make the water less, not more, poor?
notexactly, Jun 02 2018


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