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Hotei trackball

trackball style mouse with a case the shape of Hotei, the fat Chinese buddah
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a small model of the fat buddah, Hotei,with the necessary electronics inside but with his belly replaced with a trackball,so while working and having to move the the mouse pointer you would keep rubbing his belly, and some people rub his belly for good luck.
technobadger, Dec 29 2006


       Ha! I'd buy one!
DrCurry, Dec 29 2006

       OM +
xandram, Dec 30 2006

       [+], but I thought that fat guy who's probably the world's most common subject of statues was Budai, from China, not to be confused with Buddha, from India. IDK who Hotei is. "Buddah" sounds like some marijuana-related thing.
notexactly, Apr 09 2019


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