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Hotspot Hacker Spotter

Find WiFi criminals by pinpointing signal
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Let's say you're at the [coffee shop/mall/airport], and your [phone/tablet/notebook/netbook/Father's Day tie/laptop/Macbook] gets hacked. I'm going to surmise by the proliferation of WiFi usage agreements, you may have some recourse with the WiFi provider absent an agreement to the contrary. Perhaps to avoid a public relations scandal, they offer their surveillance videos to accompany your hopeless police report. Was it the kid with the tape on his glasses carrying a 2U NAS around with him on a suitcase dolly running on a car battery duct-taped to a UPS? Was it the quiet old lady with a USB cord running suspiciously from her iPhone to her purse? Was it Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the lead pipe?

In the proposed attempt to heighten wireless security (or at least deter attempts to thwart it), receive-only stations would be placed around the area of interest. Using either triangulation (like old aviation navigational radios) or signal timing (like GPS systems), MAC addresses would be assigned physical coordinates against a predetermined datum of both space and time. This information could later be married against network logging and surveillance videos to pinpoint criminals (or direct advertisements unfortunately).

kevinthenerd, Aug 13 2013


       This will be useful if the adversary is in the room, but isn't it more common that the WAP itself has been compromised and the attacker is long gone (if he was ever physically present in the first place), perhaps having handed over control to some eastern European cybercrime gang?
swimswim, Aug 13 2013


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