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a low-tech wireless dialup connection
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every now and then I find myself requiring a dialup connection, but (apart from the bandwidth) I miss not being able to site where I want. What I'd like is to have an RJ-11 socket in the side of my wireless landline handset, thereby allowing me to dial-up, but wirelessly. Surely they exist?
neilp, Apr 04 2005

Like this? http://mpr.mobiles....bt-on-air-1800.html
[coprocephalous, Apr 04 2005]


       Link: Range up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors (in ideal conditions)   

       they still have their limitations
dentworth, Apr 04 2005

       50m is perfect.
neilp, Apr 04 2005

       [coprocephalous] yeah, I suppose, but it seems odd to have it as a separate device.
neilp, Apr 04 2005

       I'm waiting for the wireless notebook that taps into a (internet) signal anywhere, anytime, like a cell phone does. why do we not have this yet?
dentworth, Apr 04 2005

       my old nokia cell phone had a computer interface cable that would allow you to dial the phone and then use your computer for internet browsing or whatever. the only downside was that the speed topped out at 9600 baud and you were paying for cell minutes the whole time you were online. that was 3 or 4 years ago. im sure that stuff has improved now.
natewill, Apr 04 2005

       absolutely [natewill] and modern mobiles will let you connect wirelessly via bluetooth at GPRS (i.e. reasonable) speeds, but I want (in this particular case) true wireless dialup over a non-cellular network.
neilp, Apr 04 2005

       I believe that day is not coming and when the editors of WIRED magazine admit that their experiment with drugs was a failure, we'll all soon learn why.
mensmaximus, Apr 05 2005


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