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Household Odorizer

Foul smelling effluvients in a convenient spray container.
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Spray around your house when unwanted guests are scheduled to arrive. Truly wretched odors that will relieve you of painful in-laws and freeloading college chums faster than you can say, "good god, what is that fucking smell?" Available in Feet, Fish and Flattice.
adam, Nov 28 2000

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       I like the way three of the four ideas in this category are for various flavors of stink bomb (applied to different purposes: empathy, nostalgia, repulsion...).
egnor, Nov 29 2000

       Ah heh heh heh...sounds good to me.
kester, Nov 29 2000

       But then your house would stink! More harm to you than them.
kasey, Sep 18 2003

       Mmmm, flattice.
phundug, Sep 19 2003


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